Jan 10

the world is rotten and foul, bitter and sour

This world is too dark
They say ignorance is bliss
I know for a fact that it’s true
If only they knew this
What the world really was
Their perspective would be clear
People are crying for help,Can you hear?
people,  being used and abused
People,  being kidnaped and sold
Some people grow old, not knowing what the world really is
Not, knowing the PAIN people have gone through
What HORROR there is in the society we live
How many people had been put through the worst of pain for the benefit of others?
How many CHILDREN  have lost their fathers and mothers
How many people been KILLED because someone in power didn't get what they want
I can't tell you how many, because there is too many for me to count
The system is messed up, it’s for the benefit of the rich and those in power
The world we live in is rotten and foul, bitter and sour.
AND YET we just sit there and stare, In a chair saying, ‘im glad i’m not them’
Well think for a moment, of what you would do if you WERE them
Then what would you do?