Jan 11
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Every little girl is obsessed with fairytales
Cinderella, Belle, Ariel
Missing shoes, talking lamps and whosits and whatsits galore
But I didn’t just want beautiful
I wanted stunning
Not just great
But grand
I, I never wanted to be a princess
I wanted to be a queen
So my favorite movie was “Frozen”
Princesses from my past shattered
Like ice, ice cold snow from Elsa’s powers
She was not a princess
But a queen
I liked Frozen because of that whole “girl power” thing
Like you don’t need a man to save you and all that
And that movie was like the beginning of feminism for me
The beginning of melting the glass ceiling above us
But Elsa, she was always frozen.
She has power and was regarded as a “witch.”
She had strength and had to run away.
She had anger and everyone thought she was evil.
Elsa is not just an ice queen
She is a CEO
A politician
A lawyer
A principal
A presidential candidate
Who has power, has strength, has anger
But is cast away
“Frozen” is a good word for it, I guess
Frozen in old stereotypes
Frozen in a world who doesn’t see you as a leader
But Elsa, she doesn’t just feel frozen
She doesn’t just shoot out ice towards decades of injustice
The townspeople see her as frozen too.
Evil. Bossy. Without a heart. Cold.
You see, I never wanted to be a princess,
I wanted to be a queen.
But to be a queen you have to “act tough,” “act like a man,” “be strong.”
And that’s what I do everyday
I do it to be president of my club
A leader in my classroom
Be regarded as serious
But I can never just be a queen
I have to be an ice queen
I have to be Elsa. We are all forced into frozen stereotypes.
A man who is a leader is seen as effective.
A woman in power is seen as cold.
A man who debates passionately is seen as strong.
A woman is seen as bossy and aggressive.
Being a queen is a double edged sword.
Because with the fire that men seem to naturally possess
Comes the ice that is frozen onto me.
But ice. Ice is meant to melt.
We all need to Let it go.
Because I can’t hold this back anymore.
I can not continue to be your ice queen.

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