Jan 19
humor 0 comments challenge: Rant

When times get tough

I stand
watching as the wind wissels and whips past my window frame.
The bugs are out today,
I can tell by thier Buazzing and Buauauzing.
I think slowly about the day that has passed.
the troubles, the woubles,
my cat sofly mews as she takes her perch on my head,
licking my earlobe afctionatly, as if to reasure me,
that everything will be okay.
I have a plan. 
But instead of reasure me this time, 
my cat releases her kindeys,
thier eyes smiling at me.
Her teeth slowly eat my hair,
until there is none left.
All freshly pulled,
in the shredded pile by my feet.
But I know,
no matter what,
I will keep on chomping through the day.