Jan 21


When I was younger you would never see me not holding a camera. One of those 'old' film cameras. A Canon 500 N to be exact. There are countless photos of me clinging to it for dear life. Photos of me at an arsenal match, in the park and on the floor. Its the same thing now, if its not a camera in my hand its me raving on about a phone. One with a DSLR specs incorporated in it. Photography is my life but life gets hard. You grow up and suddenly what everyone else thinks and says matters more. I fell out of love with the one thing that lets me love. I packed away my cameras - shipped them back to my Grandfather. To someone who still loved them.

Thing about life is you always find your purpose. You always find yourself on the right track. My track just got a little wonky.

I was born to hold a camera in my hands.