Jan 22
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Hey y'all, Its me :) I just wanted to say hi and share some stuff I have learned going through my first real commited relationship as a 16 year old that maybe will help someone out there trying to figure it all out too cause its goddamn hard. I am in love, pretty hopelessly with this boy, but that doesn't mean that it isn't still hard, and that it is perfect.
Relationships take godamn work and mental fortitude. When things get hard you have to push through because they will get hard, sometimes you might even ask yourself if it's worth it and hey sometimes its really not. If its abusive or causing your serious mental harm or bodily harm you need to get some support to get out of that situation no questions. But that aside and you love this person and they treat you so good and care about you and your caught up in this dream, you still have to come back to yourself. What I mean is that when or if you find that hey maybe you are loosing yourself or not hanging out with your friends and constantly obsessing about only this person, and your not spending as much time doing what you love, STOP.
These are sooooo natural and hey in no way all bad, but don't just push these signs away, consider them and it can be scary but maybe take some time or space if you need to reinvigorate your life, even if all you want to do is hang out with your SO :3 Even try and bring your hunny into your hobbies and friend circles too even if it seems awkward at first, like I said, it takes some work. But honestly one of the most attractive things I have found in people is when you see them thriving, and if you throw away all the other things in your life that make you thrive and happy and wanna smile, then you end up putting all the pressure on your partner to be that for you! You might find yourself getting frusturated with them not always giving you attention or going to hang out with their friends over you, and thats not bad but instead of leaving it at that, ask yourself, hey, what in me is making me feel this way that might not be about him/her/them?
And always come back to your own independence! You are a godamn king/queen/patriarch. You are awesome and if your partner can't appreciate that instead of folding and giving them moree attention out of fear they will slip away, just stand up tall and do a boss a** b**** hair flip. You deserve love and respect and appreciation and sometimes to get that you have to remind them that your world doesnt revolve around them, and if you show them you know your own beauty then they will have to see it too. Love yourself, it is not easy, I have not been very good at that lately because I have been so focused on giving it to my bf that I just forgot what it feels like to dance your heart out like no ones watching. I was putting all my self worth in what he thought of me and I ain't about that life. I still love him so much, but I forgot that he is also flawed and just a person. No one elses actions or opinions should diminish how much anyone can still appreciate themseves. I know that our relationship will be better for it and I am greatful to him and all my friends and family for helping me learn these things :3 This is just what I have been learning, Not to say my experience applies to everyone but if you relate and feel this helps in some way I am glad. Life gets hard and even a beautiful relationship is no different.