Jan 23
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Please, No Homework!

Kid: Hello!
Teacher: Hello Jeff.
Kid: Do you think we could not have homework on Wednesdays?
Teacher: Why wouldn't I give your class homework, you're the most annoying class I have.
Kid: Yes, but we could clean your room for you.
Teacher: Yes, but I cleaned it yesterday.
Kid: It would be less work for you to do.
Teacher: I already have a lot of work to do for my other classes, what's another couple of terrible essays to grade?
Kid: What if we made a deal?
Teacher: I'm listening.
Kid: What if every Wednesday you don't give us homework, on the condition that we clean AND organize your room every Thursday during free period?
Teacher: That sounds Great!
Kid: Really!?
Teacher: Ha, no I want a five page essay by the end of the week about the Civil War.
Kid: Hahaha, you're just being sarcastic again right?
Teacher: No.