Jan 25
fiction 0 comments challenge: Alert


I awake from my nice dream hearing a loud, strange noise on my phone.  I bolt upright and grab my phone, concerned. An alert says, “We are under attack.  Lock your doors and bar your windows.” I am already vigilant and freaking out, locking all the doors.  

“What’s happening?” My little sister Izzy asks, rubbing sleep from her eyes.  

“Izzy,” I say quickly as I grab heavy objects, “Help me with this.  Bad people are coming.” Her eyes widen, and she races over to help.  We can’t bar the windows, but we block them with everything we have. Bing, goes my phone.  Let me in.  Let me in. Let me in, come three texts with random numbers.  Izzy looks at my phone, but only for a moment.  After we’re done, we lock ourselves in our parents’ bedroom, whom have gone out for a long date night.  Bing.  Bing. Bing.  Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.  It seems as if five hundred more texts have invaded my phone, all random numbers.  I shut off my phone so it will stay quiet. Izzy whimpers. I stay still underneath the bed, but run my fingers through her long red curls.  Suddenly, Smash!  I hear our living room window break.  My sister gasps, but I clamp a hand over her mouth.  Everything is dead silent. I hear quiet footsteps outside.  I silently push Izzy out from underneath the bed. I begin to crawl out as well.  I hear the door jiggling. Getting up quickly, I go to the window. I fiddle with the window so it will open, but won’t budge.  The doorknob still turns one way, then the other, slowly, like in a movie. Then, unexpectedly, the door crashes down. A gun is gleaming even in the dark.  I scream, but nothing comes out. Smash!  The window is cracked and destroyed, and Izzy is no longer there.  Then, a deadly sound rings out of the gun.