Jan 25

There's a Hole in My Shoe

There's a rock in my sock,
and a hole in my shoe,
and the sky is too wet,
and the water too blue.

Now my ears feel numb,
and my fingers can't hear,
while my head's speaking nonsense,
and my eyes hold you near.

I think my life's headed south,
where the roses don't grow,
and the ponds shimmer lightly,
where the dark shadows go.

And the light it burns dark
where there's supposed to be day,
but my heart has grown hollow,
and I feel lost in each way.

I feel like a child,
afraid in the park,
and people can't see
that my mind has grown dark.

So here I lay crooked,
broke and misplaced,
while I ponder my thoughts,
imperfections and mistakes.

Maybe someday I'll be better,
fixed up and brand new,
but, until then,
there's a hole in my shoe.