Feb 01


People believe that magical creatures called elves live in the forest. I believe that they give life to the forest, and only show themselves to people when they trust them. For a couple hundred years elves were hunted for their hair, which was silkier and softer than any other. But after a while they found out that elves don’t show themselves very often. Unless you go to a magical forest on the middle of an island somewhere out in the ocean, you won’t be able to see them. There is a tale that only one person has traveled to that island, no one knows his name, what he looks like, or how he got there. But the only thing they do know is that he went to the island and found a whole world of elves, always seeable and never hiding. The water on the island was amazingly clear and vibrant. This man wanted to study the elves, find out how they live and what they do. But someone followed him and tried to kill all the elves there and sell their hair. So the man who wanted to study them decided to burn the map he made to the island and led the other man away from it. No one ever knew what happened to the man but word got out, and now he is a legend know to all as the first man to see an elf with his very own eyes.

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