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The Train, The Swiss, And the Money Bag

The Train, The Swiss, And the Money Bag

It was a sunny day and all was well at the Liechtenstein-Lugano train station. Francois and Ursula were going back to Geneva, from their holiday in Liechtenstein. The two lovers had been married for fifty years, and we're excited to go back to their quant flat in downtown Geneva. Ten minutes before their train arrived, a man dropped something out of his backpack and Ursula saw it. She told the man he had dropped it, but he was wearing headphones, and thus could not hear her. When Ursula went to pick it up and give it to him, he was gone. Francois looked inside this mysterious package and what he found was incredible. $100,000.

¨I believe, sir, that that box is mine.¨It was the man with the backpack! ¨But for finding it I will award you with $50,000.¨ He said with the utmost seriousness. He split the stack of cash clean in half and handed half to Francois and Ursula. ¨Well, I must be on my way.¨ And with that, he walked off. Just then their train arrived and they stepped on.

¨What a nice and interesting man!¨ Ursula said with a great amount of joy as the train began to move.

¨An interesting man indeed.¨ Francois said putting the money into his bag, ¨An interesting man indeed.¨ They then spent $30,000 on a new kitchen in their apartment, then sent the rest of the $20,000 to their friends the Adrian's in Vermont, USA.
                  The End
By Henry Adrian

                 Real People, Not Real Story.
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