Feb 09
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mental battle

    My eyes slowly drift open and register my surroundings. Then I panic. I can’t recognize anything I’m Lost. there are gigantic mountains all around me and I’m having a hard time breathing. I feel exhausted even though I just woke up. It has to be the high elevation but I don’t know how high I am. If I could only find a path or some trail that heads down the mountain.

I’m fighting this battle in my head and my body. My brain is telling my body to move and just keep moving but my legs won’t listen. Suddenly my brain turns against me and is telling me to close my eyes. Then after what seems like forever a path appears over the horizon that is going down my legs feel like led but my brain forces me to keep walking. After what feels like five hours but it’s really only been ten minutes I get to this path and slowly recover as I go down the mountain. However there are other problems to worry about like where I am and how to get home.   

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