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The Sandstorm

I sit up quickly, where am I? All I can see is sand, more sand and even more sand. What happened, I've got sand all down my legs, on my arms, and even on my face! I stare out into the distance, I focus. I hear a sound, this is not my imagination, not some made-up thing you might see or hear in the desert, it's VERY real, and it's terrifying.
It's a sandstorm, and it's coming my way, fast. I try to stand but can't. I have to get out of here, quick, where is everyone?
We were on our way to see grandma, over in Asia, the plane was nice, but crowded. All I remember is some lady screaming, a man running to the window to see what it was, and the plane moving down very fast, almost diving, that's when people started yelling: "He's unconscious! Somebody save us!" What, did they expect a superhero to come flying along and save us all? I guess. Somebody starts to try to fly the plane, then I hear a yell: "And HOW exactly are you supposed to fly that thing, your going to make us crash even faster than we would!" The two men start yelling at each other about who should fly the plane, in the meantime, someones got to get everybody off this plane, fast. Since nobody else is doing anything, and with the flight attendants running back and forth across the plane, trying to make makeshift parachutes out of rope and spare clothes from suitcases, I make the decision. There is this kid who's got headphones on with the music up loud, playing a video game on a tablet, unaware of all of this, I yank the headphones off his ears.
"Listen kid, you listening?" I shout over all the screaming, he nods clearly startled and scared. "Go help the flight attendants make parachutes, get the other kids to help, make enough for everyone on the plane." I continue, he nods again and walks to a huddle of other kids talks to them and they all go to the flight attendant. 
"LISTEN EVERYBODY!" I yell at the top of my lungs, the screaming stops and is replaced with silence. "WE NEED TO BUILD PARACHUTES, GO TO THE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS AND KIDS, THEY CAN SHOW YOU, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THIS PLANE BEFORE WE CRASH!" I finish, I make a motion indicating to take action. 
We finish the parachutes, and one by one people jump from the plane, until it's only a few people, and it's my turn. I jump, the parachute makes my fall so much slower.
I stare at the incoming sand, I crawl as fast as I can to a cave. Soon I am in. I stare at the hard stone floor and suddenly I hear a voice. 
"Hello, did I hear somebody?" The voice asks.
"Yes!" I call. I see a person, they come to me, wipe the sand off me and help me into their truck, this isn't a cave at all, but a dig site looking for dinosaur fossils, and they helped me.
Weeks later everyone is safe and I am better too, everything is back to normal, but I will always remember, The Sandstorm
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