Feb 20

Love and Insecurities

Love and Insecurities
By Eric Davis Jr

Every day I wake up with a big smile on my face
All these bad thoughts escaping my head without a trace

I used to hate the face that looked back at me in the mirror
But now I couldn’t see it any clearer

I found the girl that makes me happy
No more people treating me so harsh and badly

She is the most amazing person to ever step into my life
This might be taking it a little far but I could see her as my future wife

But then again I always get way too involved and get my heart trampled on
Who knows maybe one day I’ll wake up and she’ll be gone

I don’t want to think about the things that might come to be
Right now I just want to focus on her and me

Because who knows, my visions might be right
From now on my life could take flight

Nothing bad, only the good
No more being completely misunderstood

She will be the one to lead me into the light
Hopefully, now everything will be strictly black and white

I can’t deal with new emotions every new day
I just finally need somebody I love to stay
The problem is, everybody sees my flaws and they run away

I need somebody to be there through the thick and thin
Somebody who every day asks me how I’ve been
I very badly just need a win

When she reads this I hope it doesn’t scare her away too
I just wanted to tell her everything straight up and be true
I just want everything to be amazing and successful between me and you

I love you more than anything and I hope you never forget it
It’s very hard for me to drop everything and commit
But I promise you now that I will never give up or quit

We’ve only been together for such a short time
But I’m just so used to my life being an impossible uphill climb
You make it so easy and make it so that I’m never short of a rhyme

I’m just so nervous that the past is going to repeat
And a hard blow like that will just knock me straight off my feet
The last thing I need is for another girl to cheat

So if you promise to at least let me down easy
And yes I understand that this sounds a bit cheesy
But just the thought of you gone makes me uneasy
Like to the point where my stomach tightens up and gets queasy

I overthink every situation and problem thrown at me
Maybe you’ll be able to fix me and set my mind free
Make it so that my mind instead of going down, grows up like the tallest tree
But I guess we will just have to see

Anyway that’s all I have to say
From now on I’ll try to look at everything in a different way
It’s funny to think that this all started with the simple little word “Hey”
But for now, I have to take some time and go away
I hope you and everybody reading has a very nice day