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1:37 am

    I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm going off. It’s supposed to be Saturday why in the world is my alarm going off. I open my eyes and gather my surroundings. It’s dark out still. This was odd, It hasn’t been this way for a couple of months. I check the time and it says it’s 1:37 am. As I was checking the time I noticed that it wasn’t my alarm that was going off. There is a notification saying “breaking news…” I unlock my phone. Having no clue what could be happening that is so important that I have to know. I’m a 15-year-old kid. I honestly don’t care about the news. I just assumed it was important. I clicked on the notification. It pulls up a long page stating that an experiment escaped from a nearby science lab. I live close to a college campus. It mostly teaches science majors. I didn’t think much of it, I thought it was just some rat with an ear on it and it was “of utmost importance to find it and bring it back”. I got out of bed to ask my mom if she knew about it. I peeked into her bedroom. She was packing clothes and valuable items. She came over and hugged me. I asked what was going on. She had said that this was important and that I need to sit and watch the news while she packed. I sat and listened. The reporters sound frantic and scared.

    “This is urgent. Everyone who lives in Redwick Bush, CA. must evacuate immediately. The nearby college has lost its most dangerous AI yet. They will harm you. They look like a normal person.” all of a sudden the man speaking pauses, rips his script up and continues to talk. “Listen. We need to stop with this AI. It is getting out of hand. They are becoming too human-like.” The TV cuts. My mom looks at me.

    “We have to go now, sweetheart. I packed your clothes just go look for other things you’ll want to bring.” I go into my room grab my backpack and put everything I need in it. We left that town and never went back. We hope that the AI got found or destroyed somehow. But for all we know. It could still be out there functioning as a real Human being.

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