Mar 06
poem 0 comments challenge: Twist



The red of her cheeks.

The red of her polished nails,

The red of her lips,

The red blush I get when I hold her hand,

The red sweaty palm after I held her hand,

The red of the apple tree we would hug under,

The red of the ribbons I would put in her hair,

The red of the roses I gave her,

The red of the vase she put them in.

The orange of my torn sneakers,

The orange of her curly hair,

The orange of the scarf wrapped around her neck,

The orange of the apple tree leaves during Autumn,

The orange of the kitten she got me,

The orange scent of her sweet perfume,

The orange of sun rays we bathed under,

The orange of tea that we shared,

The orange of the flowers where we first kissed.

The yellow of how I felt around her,

The yellow of her dress,

The yellow of my shades,

The yellow of the bike we rode to the beach,

The yellow of the taxi we got in,

The yellow of the sun as it set,

The yellow of my hair,

The yellow of our bed,

The yellow of our clock in the morning.

The green of her eyes,

The green of the curtains,

The green of her pajamas,

The green plant that she tipped over,

The green of the broom we cleaned it up with,

The green minty breath of her mouth,

The green of of our suitcases,

The green of our tickets,

The green of Mexico.


The blue of my eyes,

The blue of her bikini,

The blue of the water,
The blue walls of our suite,

The blue of the dolphins,

The blue of the camera we took pictures on,

The blue lighting of the memories we had,

The blue of the rainy romantic nights,

The blue of our relationship.

The purple of my bruised heart,

The purple of my swollen under eye,

The purple of my despair,

The purple of long tear filled nights,

The purple shadow of her in my bed,

The purple of the skies stormy nights,

The purple of the floor I fell to,

The purple of the wall I punched,

The purple punch of her words…
“I've met someone else. It's time you know i'm a lesbian.”