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Three Trees'

    As the sun rises over the rolling fields, three trees sit in discussion. Equal in power, they’re arguing about something. What is it? Sit between these three and see for yourself.
    “It’s better to take life slow and easy, so you can appreciate what you have” Explains the Willow Tree.

    “Yeah go ahead and sit around your whole life, I can assure you, happiness will not find you. Me however, I will seek enlightenment.” Reasons the Oak Tree

    “Neither of you are right. Life was made for conquering, and that’s just what I’ll do. You’ll see when I have everything and you two have nothing!” argues the Baobab tree, as he glares at the Willow and Oak with a determined face.

    “But what about love guys, you can’t stay with the one you love if you’re too busy. Just relax with me. Come on, please?” The Willow Tree begs.

    “You can’t expect love to find you, you have to seek it yourself, foolish Willow.” Says Oak

    “You can’t expect to find love, period! The most logical way to go about this is to shoot for the stars. Gain power, gain respect. You two are blind if you can’t understand that!” Baobab yells, with confidence coming from each and every word.

    “Yeah and then you make one big mistake and your world crumbles around you. However, you can live an easy life and never be disappointed with what you have.” Reasons the Willow.

    “Yeah okay, let me just sit around all my life looking at the same old scene day and night until I rot into the ground” Baobab sarcastically remarks.

    “If you find happiness, that wouldn’t be a problem at all Baobab. Open your eyes and see that, at least” Offers the Oak Tree.
    I’m guessing you understand what they’re talking about. It’s reasonable enough to argue this subject, correct? How do you live life? Do you take it slow, and enjoy what you have around you? Alternatively, you could seek happiness. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you’ll make many memories. Or will you take it on with determination? Will you drive yourself to success everyday, taking risks, finding that next adrenaline rush. The choice is yours and it’s never too late to chase it.

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