Mar 08

Pain and Hope

Soft little tapping, she tiptoes to bed, 
Pulls back the covers and slips both feet in. 
Darkness enwraps her, they’ve come to be friends, 
Giving her solace to dream and to rest. 

The day wasn’t perfect, her poor hands are sore. 
Sleep is her refuge to hide from the storm. 
She knows when the sun falls behind the great hills, 
She’s able to breathe, to be calm, and be still. 

The light of her candle is burning down fast, 
She opens a book with a leather-bound back, 
She reads of a Father who’s loving and kind, 
His grace and his mercy’s beyond her small mind. 

Her young feet are frozen, her mind is at peace. 
She knows of a Savior who won’t ever leave. 
Candle extinguished, her heavy eyes close, 
Amid earthly pain she holds onto great hope.