Mar 21
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Dust Star

You promised me galaxies, My Love.
You promised to cradle my head to your chest,
to hold my outstretched arms,
While the sunlight danced between our fingertips,
Sparking upwards towards its cloud-laden home:
The home which you promised me.

They say dreams are for children,
So call me a child.
But know that I was made a child by you, My Love.
The pupils of my eyes did dilate and fill
With the Milky Way of your beauty.

You took me, not by the hand but by the heart,
And showed me all of your constellations
While I charted them
In the skies you promised to take me to.

So why am I laying in the grass alone
Staring up into you?
Why am I laying on the Earth alone
Bathed in only the shadows of your moonlight.

You loved all of my labors,
But would not labor to love me.
For who would pick a star from the dust
When there are 100 billion awaiting in the dusk.

My Love, no one notices the stars in the sky
So surrounded by their light
That they disappear.
The treasure is the one star that burns in the grass
For there are 100 billion stars
But only one Sun.

You were the lord of the skies,
Yet you know nothing of what surrounds your crown of light.
For you cannot love what you do not understand,
So you cannot love me.

It’s amazing how you can see all the stars
When you’re looking up from the dirt
But when you’re in the sky, My Love, you see only the space between.