14 years old


  • the answer

    "Why are you sad, my dear?"

    My mother asks me again and again, 

    But my mouth won't open; you can't hear

    the words that are caught in a cold, metal chain. 


    I can't tell her how hard I yearn

  • just another poem

    I can't breathe, 

    I haven't felt like this in a while. 

    I thought it was getting better, 

    But I'm still drowning in screams. 



    Take some air, you deserve it. 

  • the lily petal

    The flower petal was from a lily, 

    It was white, light, and innocent. 

    It floated on the top of loathsome water, 

    It appeared lonely, slowly deteriorating there. 


  • tied to you

    It's endless,

    The loop of love. 

    I fall into it once,

    And it feels like I'll never escape. 


    It's like I'm tied to myself,

    Suffocating in thousands of knots,

    Tied by you. 

  • Who I Actually Am

    I feel so hopeless, 

    Every second, every minute. 

    It feels like my heart beat is out of rhythm, 

    And the measure shouldn't be completed. 


    This is the only way I know how