Mar 22

Short-Term Disaster for a Short-Haired Girl

         I’ve always wanted to bleach my hair a lighter blonde. My hair is already a natural dirty color, and once my natural looking red hair dye faded out, I found some gentle bleaching dye that I had been eyeballing every time I came across it. I had asked my hairdresser if the dye was okay for my hair and she said yes, especially considering how healthy and undamaged by any other dyes my hair was. So I bought the hair dye, went home, and began to read the instructions.

         It seemed to be a normal bottle of hair dye. I put on the plastic gloves and began to carefully apply the dye to my hair. I let it stay on for the designated amount of time then washed it off with the special hair washes it recommended. Everything seemed perfectly normal at first. I waited for my hair to dry then looked in the mirror. I dropped the bottle of dye onto the floor. My hair was indeed bleached, but it seemed to have grown much, much longer than it was before, and it was completely straight, even though I’m originally wavy-haired. When I went to feel for the extra hair, however, my hand seemed to pass right through it.

         I bent down and picked up the bottle to see some very small, almost unreadable print on the bottom of the bottle. I picked up my reading glasses and put them on to read the words. It only says three spaced apart words that are cryptic yet they completely make sense: “invisible hair growth”. I see the hair that isn’t actually there, but nobody else does. It’s might be difficult, but I knew I could find some sort of solution somehow. I cleaned up the sink and left the bathroom. I sat down and browse the internet in an unrealistic hope that I find something related to my issue. To my surprise, something popped up. I clicked on the cryptic website and read what was written.

         After reading the website’s contents, I decided to try out what it said. I collected a few materials. The website said that there were lenses you could add to your glasses or contacts to undo the trick the dye plays on your eyes. I cut the transparent material to fit onto my current glasses lens then stuck it to them. I put on my glasses then got up to look in the mirror. My hair was still straight, as the website said it would be, but the length was back to normal. I sighed with relief and tousled my hair and bangs a bit to make it look better. I smiled a bit and decided to go out for a walk. I was very grateful for the website and was glad there was a solution for everyone who may encounter the problem. I was excited to return to school after the weekend to see what everyone thought of my hair. I hope everyone would like it.
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