Mar 27

Last June

Oh, how I hate you so
You make my skin crawl from my
Head to my toes
And yet I can’t outrun you
No matter how hard I try
To escape I can’t because
You’re everywhere I go.

You used me, ruined me
Made me feel like shit.
You touched places on my body
While I did nothing to stop
These unwanted things
Because I felt guilty
From your constant reminders

That you liked me, wanted
To do things with me. I did not want to
But felt bad, your feelings were
Hurt by my lack of interest
And so, of course, it's my job
To give in, to give up
To let you have me as you wanted.

You tell me today, I wanted it.
But you don’t know how I wish
Your lips had never touched mine
I wish your hands hadn’t traced me
Like a picture you’d throw away.
Your obsession may have made you sad
But it killed me through and through.

I try to get away I run and hide.
But your always there in my head
And I’m not the only one  you’ve tortured
you absolute piece of shit.
And yet I sit quiet, you get everything
You want, when you want.
Oh, how I hate you so.
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Natalie Cartwright
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