Mar 27

Big Oaks

    Ever since Benji was a young lad everyone always told him to be careful around the big oaks. Benji didn't know why he wasn't allowed to go around the big oaks, but every time a townsfolk said not to, he had his desire grown stronger to be near them. Benji was over protected throughout the village. He was the kings boy after all. Whenever Benji decided to venture down towards the village down below the hovering castle, a guard or two had to accompany him. As Benji would walk through the stands of people selling various things an older man or women would lean to him and whisper in his ear,

    “Be careful around the big oaks boy.”

    “Why?” Benji would always ask the townsfolk to explain why they said what they did but the guards would shoo them off before they had a chance to open their lips. “Why must I not go near the big oaks guard?” Benji explained in full curiosity.

    “You must never know lord Benji. It's far too dangerous for such a boy as you.” Benji crossed his arms and pout his quivering lip.

    “Let me near the big oaks!” Benji teared up. “Just let me near them.” Benji felt the one of the guards arms try to grab his shoulder in a matter of affection. Benji pushed the arm away. “No pity. No pity.” Benji pushed through the guards and walked along the cobblestone walkway. When the guard tried to follow him Benji pointed in the opposite direction. The gaurds turned to see that Benji was walking away from the big oaks and stopped in their tracks. They let Benji walk away. When Benji was far enough away he curled up in some brush. Benji knew that people would never look at him as a dignified prince, only as a meer boy that could never be strong enough to go to where he doesn't belong.

    It was hours since Benji walked away from the guard. He knew that the guards were far away considering he couldn't even hear a faint yelp. He felt so safe in the brush that he didn't want to go back. He let his guard down until Benji hear a crack of a tree branch.

    “Ah isn't it the well known Benji,” an older woman came from the shadows. “I see you ran away.” The woman walked near Benji and soon Benji felt a cold wind shivering up his spine.

    “Who are you?” Benji started to inch away but soon the woman was beside him.

    “You know who I am.” The woman sneered and Benji's heart stopped.

    “No I don---”

    “Hush. I am apart of you. I am one of the big oaks.” She chuckled with a notorious laugh.

    “Big Oaks?” Benji stutterd out the words.

    “We want you to join us.” Benji started to shake and all of the voices he had heard before ringed through his brain.

    “Its noisy!” Benji yelled as he covered his ears.

    “I can silence those voices.” The woman took Benji's hands off of his head and clasped them. “Let us go.” Benji didn't have time to answer before the woman picked him up and ran through the forest. She ran quickly back through the cobblestone road and through the village. She was gaining speed while closing in on the Big Oaks. When we got a few meters from it she dropped me.

    “Its so close.” Benji was under a trance as soon he was so close to the big oaks. He couldn't even hear the guard running to him.

    “Lord Benji! Lord Benji no!” The guards tried to grab Benji but Benji's mission to get to the big oaks was no match.   

    “Must Near…” Benji's voice rang out among the others.

    “Your to late. I got him close enough to the oaks. He will make this kingdom mine.”

    “Yes.” Benji reached out to the oaks, blocking out all the voices telling him not to. As he touched the oak, a huge ray of light stretched throughout the land. Benji was out of his trance and started to cry profusely. Benji's arms and legs started to turn into wood. His body became the embodiment of an oak. Benji's face was now a detailed carving in the small groves of the bark. The guards turned into mini shrubs around him. Every Townsfolk was brainwashed. The woman had her way.

    “Now this economy is mine.”