Apr 01
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Always know your baby.

I was slowly walking down the hall to wake my child to take her to her nana´s house to spend time with her while I was at work my job at Nike. As I walked up to the crib I noticed a scar the baby had that mine didn't . Then I noticed the baby had brown eyes and mine had blue. I took the baby to the living room too have a better look. I knew the baby wasn't mine so I went to my moms house and she didn't believe me. I told my family and they didn't believe me so than I went to the hospital for a DNA test and awkwardly waited. Then finally the doctor came out with the results and it turned out not to be mine and I was very mad. But I was lucky because I had surveillance so I looked at the tape. When I looked at the tape I saw a man and I saw his so I put his face in a face recognition and his name was Mook Flouk. I searched his name up and a link for hippy names came but that's not what I was focusing on but I saw he works at a diaper company. So I went to the company and ask to get some samples of diapers but that not why I went. So I ask the counter for some samples and the lady said “ Wait in the waiting room” I said “ok”. I decided to snoop around so I went into the employes only door and I saw a hallway and I saw another door that said babies and I started recording. I finally found my baby I knew it was my baby because It was crying when it saw me and I just knew and it had my address underneath the baby. Than The guy Mook Flouk walked came in and I had to hide. But he saw me and he started firing shots. But I always carried my glock on me so I started firing shots back. But then I saw a exit sign and ran for my life and it kept firing shots back. I ran into my bulletproof car and was out like a light. I ran straight to the police station and showed them the footage and when we pulled up nothing was there. Also nothing was online about them or who Mook Flouk was. That's why I moved to New England..l/
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