Jan 28



   (Enter WITCHES.)

When shall we three meet again? In thunder, lighting, or in rain?

When the hurly-burly’s done, when the battle’s lost and won.

That will be ere the set of sun.

he set of sun, with colors orange…

(SECOND and THIRD WITCHES turn slowly to glare at FIRST WITCH.)

(To the THIRD WITCH.) How does she expect me to rhyme something with orange?

Door-hinge kind of rhymes with orange…

No it doesn’t!

(Offering.) There’s a mountain in Wales called Blorenge…

What does Blorenge have to do with anything?

Come on ladies, I’m done being dramatic for the day.
(WITCHES stomp offstage. Curtain.)
Jan 07
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The beginning

Have you ever felt like you don't belong? Like you were ment to do something bigger then being your average kid?
That's how Finch Larson feels. But like it or not, he's going to have to learn to get through the confusing years of high school, until a mysterious girl shows up... that changes everything.
Oct 30
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Edmunds ghost Story

Jaden’s Ghost Story


Voices for Change: With Sophie and Hazel!

Photo credit: Kyle Tansley for Burlington City Arts

Big shout-out to Sophie Dauerman, left, and Hazel Civalier, right, YWP Community Leaders for an amazing open mic and workshop on Climate Change!
Oct 26

20/20 Vision / The Sun Will Die

The year I turn eighteen,
our atmosphere will release
the last particle of helium
Into space.

I was born in the
Year of the
On the 20th

and the 2nd atomic element
will leave our planet in 2020,
2 years from now.

If the universe is made up of math,
all algebra
glimmering with geometry,
tinted in trig
and cradled in calculus,
Then tell me,

Is 18 an equation where if
1 is singularity
and 8 is upright infinity,
then 18= adulthood?

But of course no mathematician will answer me
till I solve for that constant,
find the double of fear,
the square root of censure
round to significance -

To 18
to having
rights a
Vote a
To be a Person.

A person
That  forgets anyone with less than
2 digits painted under their eyes,
Oct 26

I like early morning

I get scared of speaking and i don’t like tomatoes. 
I don’t have a ‘type’ but I do have typewriter. 
I sleep until nine am and i work six days a week. 
I cant drive but I can skateboard and 
my fears seem to chase me in the light. 
I have four pets. 
Two dogs. 
One fish. 
One chameleon. 
I havent yet achieved my dreams and i like milk in my tea. 
My true love was sculpted by Athena and my enemy, Ares. 
I am a Cancer, although i was almost a Leo. 
I was born late and since then i’ve only been early. 
Making up for lost time. 
I hate math but i love art. 
And you probably didn’t care about the things i’ve said in this poem. 
You probably don’t care to get to know me, 
Or care if i like pineapple on pizza (i do) 
You probably aren’t contemplating my choice of caps and Punctuation. 
Athough now you probably are. 
But i felt the Need to write this. 
Oct 17


 my hands tap
tap tap
on my page
and I can feel my aphantasia  
clicking like a clock,
my eyes focused,
then unfocused.
Like a camera lens trying to see in the dark.  
and my mind is tap tap tapping
on my skull and spine telling me to move
but my numbed joints scream in protest
so I stay down.  
‘Coward!’  my brain tells me.
Time speeds up and then slows,
my ears popping with the change.
There’s a quiet ringing in my head but it still drowns out the noise around me.  
every nerve in my body is tense and taught and tipped to the very top of their threshold.  
my body feels like a harp;
Like it could make music at the hands of a master.
I can’t feel my self imploding
but I know it’s happening
and I have a cure but my hands are tied
and to be honest
I would rather die then
fall to the feet
of some invisible deity

Jul 23

A writer's request

Any drummers and bass players out there? We came across this plea from Rubber Soul: Hi peoples! As some of you already might know, I sometimes post songs onto YWP. I'm looking for someone who could add to them with drums, and someone who could add to them with bass.  So could some people send me a video/recording (but preferably video) of themselves playing the drums/bass? (Kind of as an audition, I guess.) Thank you! :)​ - Rubber Soul


Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- Middle School Cold Readings


Response to Middle School cold readings. We apologize the responses to plays 1 & 2 somehow were not saved. 

#9 thank you for your wonderful play! The humor mixed with the conflict made it really interesting to watch.
#9 I really down to earth, about things that many people have experienced
#9 Do you relate to Ajax?
Play #9 haha the dEmOn was FuNNY!!!!!!!!!
#9 What was your inspiration for a good demon, usually they are a bad thing
#9 The message behind the story is powerful...(even though there is some humor) What is your take on the main point?

#8 I myself have experienced racism, and it made me very emotional. It was so powerful and I love it.
#8 this was the Best play I've ever heard in my life! You are amazing!
#8 that was powerful. When the two ladies spoke at the same time, I had goosebumps
#8 This was so amazing. So powerful and all around a beautiful piece

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 1

Response to VYP 2018 High School Cold Readings Round 1 

#1: St. Johnsbury Academy (Crave, Hannah Panda); #2: Twinfield Union High School (Not a Spaghetti Western, Liv Boucher); #3: Thetford Academy (A Geeks Problem, Jade Elias); $4: Hannaford Career Center,(Maple Drive, Mitchel Tierney); #5: Spaulding High School (Caveat Empire, Emma Riddle).

5: I really liked how the premise was largely unexplained, forcing us to come up with a world and some explanation of the toy/human relationship
"5 it was very original, never heard anything like it. maybe develop the female human a little more.
5- FOR ACTORS please wait for the other actors to finish the lines
5: Mention the performance for the king earlier; earlier its said that they're just tourists. I love the originality!
5- You did an amazing job working with unique character and dialog. Maybe it would be nice if there was a bit more closure to the story?

Texted Responses to VYP 2018 -- High School Cold Readings Round 2

Responses to the Second Round of High School Plays --  #1: Champlain Valley Union (Snack Cakes, Pete Skpasyk); #2: Rock Point School (Unknown, Josh Santora); #3: Middlebury Union High School, (Call Me After You Leave, Anna McIntosh); #4: Winooski High School (Untitled, Rehmah Alchaderchi); #5: Bellows Free Academy (Momicide, Julia Scott);  #6: Mt Abraham Union (The Game Changer, Patrick Marotulio)
#6 wow, it was great, the way the characters yelling back and forth makes the play flow so well, the way it was written was done perfectly.
#6: fascinating interpretation of young adult relationships.
6. The shift between their anger to accepting the infidelity seemed kind of sudden, but I enjoyed their development as characters.
#6 Good comparison between sports and their relationship. Very creative!!
6- the dialogue was amazing and I loved the back and forth
#6, wow. the team bit was honestly genius
Apr 24
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Power of Voice

When my voice lifts tilts spins richochets off countless caverns I feel the reverb in stomach like human echolocation it finds me in the world utterly immersed in sheer vibration I shimmer and shiver without a doubt heart sung notes in my throat no longer held by the twin enfoldings set free from this box of voice to roam the streets at midnight to serenade the moon and take plunges in sacred waters no human being has ever seen when it reaches you wiping the sweat from your brow or suspended in mid air jumping from a cliff into crystal blue waters it will change your physiology literally making you a new being no words are spoken not ones that human ears would recognize only the language of womb heart beat and ululating lullabye a bridge to the dawn of creation when my voice reaches the tender waking edges of tomorrow sifting through sands of time for golden moments that last for eternity perhaps you will join in the chorus at least we'll know in harmony there is music in our liv
Apr 02
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Earth climate change

My fellow humans
Climate change is real
Take for example the arctic It’s slowly melting
We are carving ourselves into a crippled world
One were our natural beautiful landscapes are slowly being destroyed 
We need to stand up and protect the only world we got
We have to be mindful about the things around us
The earth isn’t our trash can it’s our home
And we don’t just destroy our homes
Our home needs us
So let’s stand up and protect the land
We only have one home!


MGMC Featured at Poetry Riot Tonight!

Muslim Girls Making Change, the amazing slam poetry team made up of seniors from Burlington and South Burlington high schools will be featured at this month's Poetry Riot, led by YWP's Artistic Director Rajnii Eddins.

Do not miss this performance Wednesday evening!

Open mic follows so bring your best poems to share to a responsive, supportive audience!
Mar 06
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MGMC -- Women's Forum

Feb 27
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Poetry Riot -- Thanks for coming.

Poetry Riot
with Young Writers Project, Inc./The Poetry Experience
Hosted By Rajnii Eddins

FREE - $3 Suggested Donation
Feb 15
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Nice Strangers

  One time my family, friends and I went on a trip to the west coast of San Francisco. The days were winding down like a Jack In the Box and soon the sunny, beach days would be over and we would head back to the cold, snowy winters of Burlington Vermont. The folks we were renting from had a lemon tree in the backyard, prior to that day we have picked them off and made delicious homemade lemonade. We decided it would be good to get a few bucks each to go home with so we set up that quick and easy way to make money in movies, the lemonade stand. Business has never been so good, almost everyone who walked by had some delicious lemonade. It was in the morning so one problem was most early risers love their coffee so financially that was our biggest competitor. Then this guy with an ecsquisit Australian accent walks by. This guy was great hit find. He recognized our hard work and where we set a fair 25 cents he tipped us 25 bucks almost doubling our cash for the day.
Jan 12
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Slam Poem

  Why do people have to pretend to be someone else, other than themselves? What’s the point wasting money on stuff that goes on your face and only last for a day just to impress someone else? Changing your style so you can fit in with others. Trying to get into the new trends. Getting social media and posting things you don’t even like. It might not be all the time, but it’s most. Getting new things to show off, that they don’t even want? Proving yourself worthy to be one of those popular kids. What’s the point for all of it? How can you live with yourself not actually being your own self? Is there a problem showing your true colors.
“ Should I get this? Would she like these new pair of shoes no, but I think she would?” 
“ Should I send I don’t know or yes. I have to seem cool in a way, for them to like me?” 
“ Should I do my makeup different then usually or the same? ugh.”
Jan 08

Play, "Unknown"

[An unknown voice calls out from WYATT’s surroundings. It is monotone; a voice seemingly spoken without emotion whatsoever.]


[WYATT looks around, trying to find the source of the voice. Yet he can see nothing but his own body. WYATT is confused, but responds to the mysterious voice in a soft tone.]


Welcome to where?


To the place you’ll call home.

    [WYATT is confused again. WYATT responds, again, in a soft yet confused tone.]


Home? No, I have a different home.


Not anymore, now this is your home. And you must choose. Heaven or Hell?


What kind of question is that? And how did I get here? Why can’t I remember anything?

Dec 08

MGMC -- Women's March

This is a remarkable performance by Muslim Girls Making Change, four slam poets who are part of this community, at the Vermont chapter of the National Women's March on January 23, 2017. MGMC had an audience estimated at 14,000 in front of the Vermont State Capitol.