May 23

Line Break, Episode 11

May 16

Line Break, Episode 10

May 11

Grace's Rants & Rambles Episode #3

May 10

The Day I Got Abducted (Episode Two)

May 09

Line Break, Episode 9

May 02

Line Break, Episode 8

Apr 25

Line Break, Episode 7

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with 2madsmads about her poem, "For A Little While," rhyming, Lewis Carroll and Robert Frost, and imaginary friends. 
Some things we mentioned:
The Walrus and The Carpenter, by Lewis Carroll. (
Hey It's Delilah. (
If-, by Rudyard Kipling. (

I hope you enjoy!



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Apr 21

Grace's Rants & Rambles: Episode #2

Welcome to Grace's Rants and Rambles: A Quarantine Talk Show!

Some people said that they wanted a second episode, so here it is!!! Today we're talking about such diverse topics such as the coronavirus, Canada, potato chips, art museums, fun parks, go-karts, driving, biking, nerdiness, being a perfectionist, being homeschooled, and ice cream! If you want to see how these things fit into one 10 minute ramble, please take 10 minutes to listen. 

~ Grace
Apr 20

Grace's Rants and Rambles: Episode #1

Welcome to Grace's Rants and Rambles: A Quarantine Talk Show!

I was really bored, so I made a talk show. Today's episode includes topics like - the pandemic, spring, random things about me, word of the day, embarrassing things I did as a kid, what I think of Vermont, and much much more!!! It's pretty random and kind of cringy so I hope you like it!!!


~ Grace
Apr 18

Line Break, Episode 6

Hi everyone! Here is Episode 6 of Line Break. This week I spoke with happydancer about her poem, "It's My Happiness," pressures from society, my weird dreams, and books written in verse. (I looked up the book I mentioned and it's Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall, by Wendy Mass- definitely check it out!)
I hope you all enjoy!



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Apr 18

Edie's Song

(It's been a while since I posted on here! It's good to be back)

Edie Sedgwick was a socialite who lived in New York City in the 1960's. She has for the most part faded into obscurity, but was very prolific in her lifetime and was known for her striking appearence, eloquent, intense monologues and most famously for her involvement with Andy Warhol and his Factory. Unfortunately her story is a tragic one, and after a lifetime of battles with mental and physical health she died very young. This is my tribute to her.

Were you raised on memories of things that you could never be?
And could you be picked out of a crowd?
Were you told there was no place for a troubled soul with an angel's face
And that you'd fade away without a sound?
But they knew you so well at the Chelsea Hotel
Where you sent them to heaven and gave them all hell
I set out on a pilgrimage, painted in your image
Audio download:
Edie's Song.m4a
Apr 11

Line Break, Episode 5

Apr 08

Walk the Bone

Apr 08

In Case You Missed It...Here's Oh Snap!

Hi everyone! Last Saturday was Oh Snap! YWP's Online Open Mic, hosted by LadyMidnight and I. I recorded the entire open mic so you can listen and watch everyone read if you missed it, or if you read and want to watch your performance. It was so nice to hear everyone read! Thank you to all the people who shared their poems (and a really cool short story from laurenm!). 
If you're interested in being in an open mic, please let me know and I'll coordinate another one. Should Oh Snap! be a series?!
I hope you all are well and having a good Wednesday!
Apr 06

I need you

So today I am going to do another song "Just turn the light right on just turn the light right on we need some light in these dark moments so turn the light on I cant see Im blinded by the dark I need you. you were the only light in my life I need you. You helped me through the dark times told me it was ok i need you. you pushed me to be my best I need you. And now that you are gone I cant see so turn the light on I need you." so that was I need you a song written by me 
Apr 04

Link for Open Mic!

Apr 04

Line Break, Episode 4

Apr 03

Still Searching the Remaining Episodes

These are the final four podcasts in the series of six that I created for an independent research project at school. 
Episode 3 is called 'Searching for the Sites'
Episode 4 is called 'Digging for Contacts' 
Episode 5 is called ' Odd Coincidences'
and Episode 6 is called 'Conclusions' 

You can access the two previous episodes by clicking on the titles below:
Episode 1 'The Secret Safe'
Episode 2 'Souvenir Medallion' 
Apr 01

My dogs eyes

when I close my eyes sometimes I wonder what its like for my dog. I pretend I am my dog and this story is about what I do when I pretend in a dream. I am now my dog Mylo. A ten year old girl walks by, she is tall, nice, and fun to play with. But sometimes she is the opposite, she pulls out this vibrating plastic thing, she calls it a masseur I think. anyway that thing gives me a chill down my spine. Also when I eat her poptart she yells at me and pulls out a pink thing filled with water and sprays me with it. Plus they lock me in the kitchen with another old dog. her name is Sophie I think, but she is MEAN, I walk over to my bed, she barks, and growls at me. And humans are confusing, they normally let me up on the couch, but seance they said they were whats it called... Moving?.. anyway any time I put a paw on the cushine the yell at me say get down and stuff.  

Mar 28

Line Break, Episode 3