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Line Break, Episode 3

Mar 21

Line Break: Episode 2

Mar 15

Still Searching Second Episode

Mar 14

Still Searching First Episode

Mar 14

Line Break: Episode 1

Mar 13

Line Break: Episode 1

The long-awaited first episode of YWP's podcast, Line Break, is finally here! This week I joined IrishJayne and we discussed her poem, "A Reminder About The Boy You Love," physics, inspiration, and a little bit of Harry Potter. Click "Read more" or "Embed file" below -- and listen! I hope you enjoy and let me know about any interest in participating in the podcast! Iris :)
Feb 24

Line Break: On writers and writing

Hi, I'm Iris! (eyesofIris here on YWP.) Take a pause and listen to Line Break!
  ABOUT LINE BREAK: I started this YWP podcast in March and I'm looking for writers to collaborate with. Here's how it works: you read one of your poems, and then we talk about the inspiration behind it, what it means, an overall analysis -- and we make a podcast! I think that it will be a really fun way to learn more about YWPers and their writing. Podcasts will be on the site and in The Voice. Let me know if you're interested!
Feb 11
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The Lincoln Song

The Lincoln song

Guitar intro

1st verse;

The rain is falling down, falling all around me. The leaves are falling fast, Ending summer at last.


In lincoln Vermont, where i'm glad to be. Up in lincoln were she's with me.

In Lincoln Ver-mont,

2nd verse;

Winter is coming soon bringing the winter moon. The snow will be so white, softley reflecting its light


In lincoln Vermont, where i'm glad to be. Only in lincoln were she’s with me.

In Lincoln Ver-mont,
Guitar instrumental
In lincoln Vermont, where i’m glad to be. Up  in lincoln were she’s with me.

In Lincoln Ver-mont,

Guitar outro

By Glynn Simpler
Jan 14

For Pan

*Play the audio as you read*

Oh Greek god of wild things,
plants and beasts and birds with wings,
he who loves the dirt and leaves,
he who does protect the trees.
Your smile is a gentle breeze.
Your fierceness is with sand and weeds.
How do you feel we've treated you,
your territory nature true?
We've demolished many parts of it,
hurt the animals, made them sick,
stupidly messed up the eco systems,
but with one word we'll help you fix them.
I know your frustration; we are too.
Nature is our priority too.
But please keep singing your song so clear
to remind us why we need you here.
Audio download:
For Pan.m4a
Jan 08

Empty Heart/Broken Soul

Jan 06

-SONG- Words for an Empty Street (How You Left it to Be)

   how you left it to be.m4a

   I haven't posted a song in a while! I have so many that I'm going to try and record, but this one I wanted to record and post as soon as possible; I'm kind of proud of it, even though at the same time I dislike it -the self-inflicted curse of songwriting. It's supposed to be the theme of a short movie I'm working on, but that's not even close to being done yet, so for now, here's the song! (Constructive criticism much appreciated!) 

Walk to a place
Down in the rain
Drowning in plain old everyday
Pockets and a tired face
Just go along
Ignoring that empty space

Places, things
I can't recall
Done with it all, in a way
Breathing through the empty days
Just go along
Dig deeper a hiding space

'Cause things have a way
Of falling into place


I was supposed to be peeling potatoes, and this happened. I was using a kitchen knife.
 I don’t know for the life of me why it displays the pictures upside-down.
Nov 09
audio 2 comments challenge: Hazel

barnaby's house

another song from my experimentation with the kind of stuff i want for the hazel's house soundtrack. this one is less terrifying--it coincides with the initial drive through hulcastle and the kids' first view of goddard manor so there's a little snippet of a theme that will become hazel's in there. i actually did this one with a metronome so it sounds like maybe it has a tempo! 
Audio download:
Barnaby's House.m4a
Oct 26
audio 4 comments challenge: Hazel

would anyone like an auditory nightmare?

so i know it's been a while since i posted music on here (the computer i had logic on crashed and it took me forever to reinstall plus i've been super busy) and here i am with something that's... not so much music as a collection of the most hair-raising synth sounds i could find in the sound library? see, i've been experimenting with the kinds of sound and music i'm gonna want for various scenes in hazel's house because that gives some direction to my endeavours and this one goes to the second seance scene, the one with hazel. if you want to get a little shot of adrenaline, or are feeling a little low on horrendous screeching noises then maybe this'll be fun. or terrifying. 

for maximum atrocity, listen through headphones
Sep 25

Just some strangeness...

Found a cool setting on my keyboard and had a mini-jam session. Enjoy...
Sep 07

Where I'm From

Wrote this about a year ago and just rediscovered it.

   Where I’m from
   I’m no one
    Just taking up space under the dying sun where I’m from
   Where I’m from
   You buy your fun
   I can’t forget the things I’ve done where I‘m from 
Every time I woke up I was a little surprised
And I wondered why I kept myself alive
And god knows this place was ready to die
But it was all I’d ever known
And I only ever meant to pass you by
But your home looks so pretty from up in the sky
It’s been a long way and I’m fixing to die
I should’ve thought of that before I left home
But when you looked at me with that empty, burning stare
And you looked right on through my eyes as if I wasn’t there
You took me right on back to the place where I was before
With the stagnant, dirty air
Full of faces I can’t recall anymore
You know I’m not unused to being alone
Audio download:
Where I'm From.mp3
Aug 28


  He wears a crown upon his head
He holds a weapon in his hand
He drags his fingers through the sand
  He holds his poison in his teeth
He knows he hardly has to think
He breathes in sound and spits up ink
And he is blinded by his own light
And he knows no one taught him to fight
Oh, Anthony, talk to me
Oh, Anthony
Just breathe,    breathe
  He throws his ring onto the ground
She throws him out and makes him run
He reaches for his only son
 His lyrics fall on soundless ears
He holds a pocketful of pills
He knows the chaser is what kills
But he knows someone stands behind the lens
And he knows she’ll be there when the vision ends
Oh, Anthony, talk to me
Oh, Anthony
Just breathe,    breathe
  He knows he’ll die the way he lived
He’s so afraid he doesn’t care
He reaches for the empty air
  He keeps it all inside his head
Audio download:
Aug 09

One Thousand Days and Counting


(1st verse)
White noise, check your conscience here
 She said in space there's no room for fear
She kept a picture by the door
 To remind her of the way things were before

(2nd verse)
"Houston, I'm never coming down
I'd rather watch the world keep turning 'round
Up here it's just my rocketship and me
And you can't cry in zero gravity
 She knows there's nothing for her there
As she sits up there breathing prepackaged air
She hates the feel of solid ground
Up here she's a queen without a crown

Who the hell do you think you are?
Caught between Planet Earth and the local star
You better love it up there, sitting all alone
You're one thousand days and counting and you're still not coming home

Just a sailor without a sea
A starspun curiosity
I've lost control
(3rd verse)
Jul 29

Green Light

Hope you enjoy!
(Also keep in mind that this one is a little difficult for me to play on guitar and I didn't practice it much before recording)


(1st verse)
I left the green light on last night
Then stayed awake and wrote your name
I left it well within your sight
So you might come like moth to flame
Come to burn
If I should speak
What would you learn?

Thoughts they rise and fall and fade away
Someday I'll be gone and you might wonder why you stayed

(2nd verse)
All that lies between our minds
Are years of which you're unaware
In the dark you cannot find them
So I sigh and keep you there
You cannot know
For if you knew
You might let go

Thoughts they rise and fall and fade away
Someday I'll be gone and you might wonder why you stayed

(3rd verse)
My time is waiting in the wings