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Jul 20
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Blueberry Poem (for 7/19/17)

(The audio recording is of the last two stanzas which I recorded while picking blueberries. If you listen closely, you might be able to hear the pie tins and birds.)

Blueberry Poem

Follow the shade in the morning for as long as you can,
Hopping down the row, down the hill, from bush to bush.
The way the sunlight falls through the hedgerow and the trees above it
Leaves some shady splotches and then some sun-soaked bits.

In the morning, if you follow the shade you'll stay cooler.
And you'll spend less time bent over picking in the sun
With your shirt climbing up your back,
Leaving your lower back exposed.

The blueberry patch is a battle field this morning.
The birds have pecked away at least half the berries on the first bush, the second bush.
I continue down the hill to the third bush and then decide that following the shade is a better idea.
And so I jump several bushes down.

Luckily, these bushes seem to have fewer damaged berries.
At the crest of the hill, it is difficult to leave anything remotely blue on the bush
Knowing that each berry could and will be the next victim.

Pick carefully.
Look at those beautiful handfuls of big, blue berries.
Find the ones the birds have pecked.
Pick them all
And put the pecked ones in the freezer bin,
The full ones in the larger box.

Sit down wherever you can.
Jul 20
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both of these are like songs that i composed with two different screenplays i'm sort of working on in mind? the first one from the same screenplay as the last one was from, the second one from one i'm only kind of writing. i think they're decent? they might not be. 


Jul 18
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tell you a secret

the title's a long story. basically this is just inspired by a scene from a screenplay i'm working on. i'm not really very happy with the percussion. i tuned it down later, but by then i'd already emailed this version to myself and i'm too much of a lazy bugger to resend it. so here you go.

Jul 18
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Searching Eyes

Alone on the beach, she watched the waves and longed for their salty kisses on her bare feet. The woman wore a deep blue dress of soft, flowing cotton. Her bright eyes were hidden behind black sunglasses and her chin rested on the top of her closed hand. Her elbow pressed into the arm of her chair. The woman's feet rested upon the sand, the criss-crossing pattern from her vacant sandals burned onto the tops of her feet in tan. Just the natural tan from spending so much time outdoors. It was not a tan the woman had worked or paid for. It was one that grew as she soaked up the sun on hikes and inhaled cool, sea-sprayed air on the coast.

The woman's hands were home to several rings, silver and light gold ones that she'd worn since high school. On her wrist, a light gold rimmed watch on a small white leather band-- also worn since her teenage years.
Jul 09
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Oh, What a Wonderful Wedding

Oh, what a wonderful wedding. There was even a cake. Who knew there was cake at weddings? Ridiculous! And it had seven layers. That cake was so dang tall that they used a step ladder to reach the top and a machete to cut it. Better yet, that cake was strawberry with bright green insides just to mess with you and catch the eater off guard. Green cake, I ain't never seen a cake so green. The crumbs fell across the floor like grass had started growing in the kitchen. But, the crucial part was that the cake had a crumb, and a good one at that. A good crumb, of course, is the most important part of the cake. But, the cake wasn't the only thing at the wedding. Even if it was the brightest green anyone had ever seen. There were guests too. And a couple. You know, those two people who are the ones getting married. They're important. You can't have the wedding without them. Unless some of the guests volunteer to be married to each other. Then you could have a wedding. But, unless two guests want to get hitched, the whole wedding will fly off the hitch because the couple isn't there to be married at the wedding. Oh, what a wonderful wedding.

Jul 05

Nervous about Sound?

A reminder: YWP has a workshop in YWP Academy that's dying to have you join: Sound Story.

This is DIRT easy. And fun. Give it a go. I'll give you some feedback and it'll help you with some of the audio ideas of this week's #sos17.

Jul 03
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writing at night

or at least, that's what this reminds me of. 

and then this one inexplicably makes me think of sunsets (maybe because the sun was setting while i wrote it?) or maybe just because sunsets are relaxing. 

Jun 25

My Son (Song)

Lyrics and audio to a song I wrote on ukulele a few days ago. 

Goodbye my son she said as she ran away.
She left me with an empty bed
and all her unfilled bills to pay.
I know she tried,
but the world put nasty thoughts inside her head.
I'll cry,
for a day or two then get on with my life.
Just get on with your life.

This river flows backward
This tree grows rootside up.
This compass points southwards
This heart pumps air instead of blood.

Don't cry my son she said as she left that day.
There's cookies in the pantry,
and your room is clean and your bed is made.
She kissed my hand,
then she hailed a taxi going God knows where.
I couldn't stand
to watch her leave so I prentended like I didn't care.
Just pretend like you don't care.

This river flows backward
This tree grows rootside up.
This compass points southwards
This heart pumps air instead of blood.

And so she strays
and so I stay.
They say if you're lost,
remain in the same place.
And so she's off making dandelion chains,
and I'm standing by the sink 
watching water pool in the drain.
Jun 25
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though thankfully not based off of one of mine. I realize this isn't exactly the definition of subtlety but I was kind of focusing on making music that would freak me out and found a suitable scene in the book i'm using as inspiration. 
Sorry if it's impossible to listen too. 
enjoy? and if it just makes you want to go scream and bang your head against the wall, well, unfortunately that was kind of my intention. 

Jun 24
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the legend of sir bartholomew revised

Sorry for the weird title. That's what I'd been calling the last piece of music I put up in my head. As the title would suggest, the other day I made some revisions to the song, as I'd finished it in a rush at eleven o'clock at night. I haven't a clue if a revised piece of music counts for Sos but I'm putting it up anyway. So here goes. 
I know it's kind of long. And I think it's the one I meant to put up—I didn't listen to check. Anyways, hope the changes improved it some. 

Jun 21
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got another one

Whew! Spent several hours and stayed up till eleven working on this one. Still using the same book, namely the beginning. 
Oh, and sorry for the really shitty vocals in the middle, Logic Pro X had nothing satisfactory and sadly, I had to take the whole thing up an octave because my poor voice couldn't hit the notes I wanted it to for it to sound right. So it doesn't sound great right now. 
And the weird sounds come from a European folk kit. I wanted to try and capture the feels of a remote island in the sixteenth century and contrast it with the 1930s at the beginning and end, the book's general time period. 
Anyways, explanations over, here it is. 
I kind of slaved over this, so I hope it's all right. 

Jun 20
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there's no way i'll manage this every day, but I've got two running

Yes—another song. There's not a snowball's chance in hell that I'll do music every day, but it just so happened to be what I had in me, rather than a poem or whatever, today. If you notice a bit of the same theme as one of the pieces from last time in this one, it's because I'm taking inspiration from the same book. (A Brief History of Montmaray, Michelle Cooper)
I don't know if it's any good, but there it is. 

Jun 19
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does music count for sos if it doesn't have words?

So yup, this is me. Composing music as a soundtrack for a movie that doesn't even exist. In other words, this stuff is inspired by A Brief History of Montmaray, by Michelle Cooper. It's been a year or more since I read the book, so I don't remember the tone perfectly, but hey. I tried. 
This is kind of a general theme: 
This one was kind of meant to remind me of Henry but it didn't entirely work. I'm not sold on it being a very good piece of music, but maybe that's because I hate everything upbeat? 
And I'm not sure what this is or even if it fits, but I'm lumping it into the same category because I kind of imagine it going at the beginning if the book were a film? Is that even a valid sentence? 
Regardless of whether or not music without words counts for Summer of Stories, I'm marking it anyway. Hope they're all right and/or enjoyable. 
Jun 15
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some more music

I'm guessing the title is pretty self-explanatory? 
Enjoy? assuming they're any good?