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Sound Story + 2

Join Sound Story, one of three NEW workshops just started up on YWP Academy. Sound story will help you create narrations of your posts. 

Two of these new workshops are short and the other is a warm-up to this year's Summer of Stories Challenge.  Jump right in: Create audio for your favorite post; 5-story photos; and Storytelling.

No judgment; create in private; share out here when ready.

YWP Academy -- A Deep Dive

Mar 25
Fiona Ella's picture

I got a keyboard!

More music. As the title says, I got a keyboard for MIDI input and stuff so I have more options with the musicky things that I do. That's why the dynamics are so strange in the second song—I haven't really gotten the velocity sensitivity thing down yet. 
So this first one I didn't compose using the keyboard, because I didn't have it yet. It's another Gamache-inspired thing, based off The Cruelest Month
It's not my best and the percussion wasn't fantastic, and I completely ignored transitions between sections and all that, but I think it's okay apart from that. 
Mar 25
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So This is What It Sounds Like

This is my Sound Story, composed of found sounds from Geoff (voice, as he was tapping trees for sap), Rissa (walking), Masooch (tea and waffles) and Stryii (train station). Thank you, all. 
Mar 19
llopez920's picture

Life is Ticking Away

@astrobot- hope you don't mind that I've remixed your sound to create the beginning of a story for my  #netnarr work
Mar 19
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Some Casual Morning Sounds

Some lovely morning sounds: two different breakfasts being made and a snack at the writing center where I work.

Just realized they all concern food. Huh. Priorities, amirite?

(Also let's pretend I didn't get frustrated trying to rip my own mp3 from SoundCloud and just felt like mixing it up a bit with the uploads. Cool? Cool.)
Mar 17
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Trapped in My Head

This was made from a collection of noises at work- an alarm beeping and phone ringing, professors speaking( mostly Levine can be heard at the end). I also found some heartbeat and breathing files to place inside.

The back story would be this is a girl who is a former soldier coming into a campus environment for the first time after being in war.

Enjoy :)

Oops almost forgot some gun fire audio as well.
Mar 16
Dogtrax's picture

Duke's Tail

Mar 16
Dogtrax's picture

Guitar Case/Guitar Pick/Guitar Strings

A short recording of my guitar for Networked Narratives. My guitar didn't know it was being recorded. I hope it doesn't mind. It has an attorney on retainer ...
Mar 16
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morning tea

I can't start any day without my cup of tea. The first sip brings slow but steady clarity.  Cohesive thoughts follow.
Mar 12
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Music from new books

So I've been rereading some children's/young adult books that I read a couple years ago and composed a couple pieces of music based off of them .... 
This one was kind of inspired by the book Moon Over Manifest, by Clare Vanderpool, I'm pretty proud of how it went but I think it drags on a little at the end ... 
And this is from Splendors and Glooms, by Laura Amy Schlitz, and even if it's not my best I really had fun composing this one, so here you go :
Feb 28
doug.demaio's picture

Narrow Stairs

So, this challenge really reminded me of a piece written a few years back by Quella. At the time, I was very taken by the haunting words, so I decided to put some music to it, and sprout my own version. Here's the link to the archive version: http://archive.youngwritersproject.org/node/89322

And here are the lyrics/chords:

Narrow Stairs

Lyrics: Quella
Music: doug.demaio


[F#m] Their veins are woven 'round the well

devils got a friend to [E]show the way to hell...

and her [F#m]smiles wrought with anger

and her [A]voice is paper thin.

But her [F#m]brown eyes just get bigger

when her [E]head is caving in. 



[F#m] Baggy jeans and narrow stairs.