Jan 13

Line Break: The YWP Podcast

Hi, I'm Iris! (eyesofIris here on YWP.) Take a pause and listen to Line Break!
Jan 09

Line Break, Episode 29

Dec 26

Line Break, Episode 28

Dec 12

Line Break, Episode 27

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Stargirl about her poem, "H.H," reading at open mics, getting support from your family and community, Jandy Nelson's books, and thinking positively about your writing. Also, this is Part II of the Hannaford Love Poems mini-series! 
I hope you enjoy!
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Nov 28

Line Break, Episode 26

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with ZoeBee about her poem, "A boy in a trench coat," NaNoWriMo, historical fiction, seeing poetry as a beautiful mistake, writing with typewriters, and using terrible writing as a warm-up. Also, this is Part 1 of a Line Break mini-series called "Hannaford Love Poems." Part 2 will be posted in two weeks, so be sure to listen to that episode as well! 
I hope you enjoy!
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Nov 14

Line Break, Episode 25

Oct 31

Line Break, Episode 24

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with eulusivepurplepanda about her poem, "Sonnet to Concrete," Shakespeare and Keats, Dead Poets Society, dark academia and cottagecore aesthetics, writing as a form of self-discovery, and taking inspiration from classic literature. 
I hope you enjoy, and Happy Halloween!


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Oct 26

Sunshine remix

Nope, I'm not a rapper, I can barely tap my feet,
I can sometimes feel the music, feel the rhythm, or the beat,
However you've inspired me to somehow get this done,
A tiny little project 'bout the lovely beaming sun. 
I do not have much skill at all, but I swear it's filled with passion. 
For once I've left my comfort zone, in beats and music fashion.
It took too many tries to count –
I've laughed along the way. 
This really's not my forte ... but you've inspired me anyway. 
Oct 17

Line Break, Episode 23

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Yellow Sweater about her poem, "The Big Blue," writing with synesthesia, how memories connect to writing, taking inspiration from religion, writing in a specific palette, and prose poetry. Also, here's the signup page for the online open mic that Yellow Sweater and I are hosting October 24th at 7pm EST!
I hope you enjoy!
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Oct 03

Line Break, Episode 22

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Alex Muck, a teaching artist who leads monthly online workshops for YWP, including the recent Write with the Harvest Moon. Alex is a certified Gateless teacher and founder of Fun is a Necessity, LLC, a Vermont-based arts education organization. We talked about her poem, "In Praise of Plainclothes Poetry," poems that we've grown with, not having to be perfect with your writing, the 'junk drawer cauldron', staying connected to writing after high school and college, and not letting grades stop you from loving to write.
I hope you enjoy!
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Sep 05

Line Break, Episode 20 Part 2: A Celebration of Writing

Hi everyone! This week I talked about the words and worlds that have shaped me as a writer, including several poems and books. I wanted this episode to be a chance for you all to learn more about my writing and what inspires it, as well as a reflection of what Line Break really is: a celebration of writing. 
I hope you enjoy!

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Aug 22

Line Break, Episode 20: Part 1

Aug 08

Line Break, Episode 19

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Treblemaker about her poem, "Four AM," taking inspiration from our dreams, sneezes, writing at night versus during the day, the nostalgia of old journals and dolls, and books that have shaped us as writers. 
I hope you enjoy!


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Jul 27


16 tracks and two hours later, a tiny song from my heart was born. An original composition recorded by me. 

Sometimes I feel eaten by death,
drowning in the water depressed.
Crashing through the silence,
And the walls can't keep them quiet.

I'm drowning on the river of death.

But I know somehow I will be ok,
And I know deep down I can find my way,
And I hope to God
I beg and plead
and I pray-
I'll be stronger than the water.
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Jul 25

Line Break, Episode 18: Dialogue Edition

Hi everyone! Dialogue, the special edition of Line Break, is a group discussion about philosophical writing topics. This week I spoke with LadyMidnight and irishjayne about metaphorical authorship, when a writer's poem no longer belongs to them, using YWP as a virtual notebook, and the line between offering feedback and taking over someone else's writing. I hope you enjoy this new format!
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Jul 11

Line Break, Episode 17

Jun 27

Line Break, Episode 16

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with AvaClaire about her poem, "Dandelion Puffs on the Wind," watercolor and art supplies, appreciating things more, and what defines a poem. 
Also- I'll be posting new episodes every other week this summer, so Episode 17 will be out on July 11th. I have a lot of cool episodes planned and I'm looking forward to sharing them all!
I hope you enjoy!
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Jun 20

Line Break, Episode 15

Jun 13

Line Break, Episode 14

Hi everyone! This week I spoke with Frostbite about her poem, "Deep end," our pet peeves, writing about experiences, having siblings, and advice we would give to other writers. I hope you enjoy! Also, if there are any writing topics that you think we should talk about in the podcast, add them in the comments! I'd love to hear your ideas.
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Jun 06

Our One Word Story!