Feb 20
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why we should eliminated crest haired snow doveadees. (biRd)

In this article, I will state why we should eliminate crest haired snow doveadees. (biRd)
Feb 15
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Seven Minutes and Seven Prompts

Prompt: Combination of awful writing and the kindest thing a stranger has done to me

Feb 15
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No social media

I think if social media shut down then the world would be on the brink of disaster. There would be chaos everywhere! People would staying inside with nothing else to do it’s like their whole life has been striped away. Think if you were them and the only thing in your head was instagram instagram instagram you don't realize it but at that point your going insane. As humans just need to know what others think about us but most of the time people have some self restraint so they don't show it.
Feb 15


            The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines happiness as giving it 110%, but, really, what are happeness, and when I was thinking beforehand about this prompt, I don't know what I'll write, but I know that once I start wrote I'll burn that bridge when I come to it, and I think to myself, "do you think you can really challenge me, because yall'd'nt've done that, after all, the   last person whom'st'd've done that lost bad?" I am the greatest, and like a moth to candy from a baby, I alwa

Feb 15
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The dragon and a ruler with Timmy and super deadly doom fire fiery blast with a princess.

Once upon a time, there was a child named Zak. and Zak had a best friend. Timmy was this friend. They lived a good life but one day a dragon came to the school. The dragon wanted to eat all the children but Zak decided to go to the rescue. He grabbed his trusty ruler and went to battle. The dragon fought well but Zak was too strong. Soon Zak stopped for a minute to catch his breath and the dragon let out one last burst of fire.
Feb 15
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Nice Strangers

  One time my family, friends and I went on a trip to the west coast of San Francisco. The days were winding down like a Jack In the Box and soon the sunny, beach days would be over and we would head back to the cold, snowy winters of Burlington Vermont. The folks we were renting from had a lemon tree in the backyard, prior to that day we have picked them off and made delicious homemade lemonade.
Feb 15
humor 0 comments challenge: Prez
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Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump, please leave the White House as soon as possible. You are not helping anyone, just hurting.

Dear President Trump, I will gladly pay for your airfare. All I ask is you pack your bags.

Dear President Trump, you have made quite a mess of things. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop before anything gets worse.

Dear President Trump, if you are worried about the county, I know it will be better without your “help.”

Social Media Is Dead, I’m dead

Sadness. Depression. Worse than you could ever imagine. Social media has shut down. I only have so long I can survive without it. Maybe only an hour or two. The world has come to an end. 
Feb 15
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It was an ordinary boring day. Ugly Jim was sitting on his couch thinking about life, then suddenly He heard a noise, the phone was ringing. Who would want to call me ugly Jim thought, He went over to the desk and answerd the phone, hello? Who is this He said. “Turn around” a voice said, “turn around?” Ugly Jim said “yes said the man. So ugly Jim turned around and what He saw shocked him so hard He fell to the carpet floor. It was his reflection.
Feb 15
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“Turn around.”  The voice on the phone said, “What?” I said because I was confused. But I did look around and I gasped. “It's you!” I said “you’re the one who stole the jewels.” And then I said “now we will fight using the art of karate.” I said. He fought well but was no match for me because I am very good a karate.”KACHA!” I said as I was karate chopping his unconscious body.

Feb 15
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Feb 15
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And here it comes ladies and germs! A truly awful piece full to bursting with lip curling cliches, chin wrinkling proverbs and a hideously boring lack of original thought! It all started one lazy Sunday afternoon. And then the murders began. I was sitting on my desk in school, bored out of my gord, as usual. Then, I heard the most filling scream from just around the corner, I ran to the rescue, I was incredible brave and strong. I could have taken a thousand armed men with one punch.
Feb 01
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Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Most of us, when we have a friend, plan for the relationship to last forever. However, sometimes things happen to derail your path of eternal love for each other. Maybe one of you hooks up with the other’s boyfriend. Maybe one of you gets a boyfriend and then slowly starts to cut the other out of their life. Maybe you just slowly grow apart. So then, after it all goes down, you have a few different options.
Jan 24
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Orange paste

It was a beautiful morning,
And nothing was wrong.
At least not yet.

It all
When I got up,
Out of the comfort of my sheets.

As I
My groggy eyes,
Slowing me down,
I felt a cool, fresh, uplifting 
Breath of 
Fresh air.

Not as subtle 
As a tap
On the shoulder,
But not as 
As a bucket of
Ocean water
In the face.
Jan 11
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Being a kid

Look. I’m a kid with peach fuzz, a creakey voice and my feet are out of proportion with the rest of my body. I can’t imagine living like this for the rest of my life. As a kid I can only earn just so much money. Right now I make ten dollars a day feeding pets. Do you think I could buy a house on that? I would have to live with my parents! Until they die...but after that, then where would I go? An orphanage? And remember, this is for the rest of my life, which means….forever.
Jan 11
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Loop conspiracy

Being a kid forever is similar to only eating bacon for the rest of your life, sounds good, but after a week or two you throw up and start shaking uncontrollably. At first you wouldn’t notice it, it would just seem like you were not growing(depending on how it works) and then eventually you’d figure it out. This is not really happening to me, but I have a theory about something similar happening to me. I’m caught in a loop.
Jan 10

Ode to Tacos

Taco, oh taco!
What would the world be
Without your spicy flavor?
You are without doubt
The most wonderful food
Known to mankind.
Oh, but how unattractive we all look
While eating you, oh taco!
With stray pieces of lettuce
Hanging out of our mouths
As we try to take a bite.
And, alas, we must position our heads horizontally
In order to take a single bite
Of your heavenly being!
But all the neck cramps
Jan 04
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My favorite comment is when someone makes me laugh. Even while they are offering me some painful critique.
Jan 02


A frog
A boy
An old man

(Boy playing with LEGOs. He builds a tower)
FROG: Hi, boy.
BOY: Hi, frog.
(Boy continues playing. Frog approaches.)
FROG: I need to go on a walk.
(Boy ignores him)
FROG: I need to go on a walk. You need to take me on a walk.
(Frog approaches and touches the tower of LEGOs)
BOY: Don’t touch! (annoyed)
FROG: Take me on a walk!
BOY: No!
Dec 16
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Freddie- Hi! My name is Freddie frog and this is my husband Greg! 
Greg- Ribbit!
Freddie- Greg! that was very rude, please greet our guests poilitely!
Greg- RIBBIT!!
Fredie- Please excuse my husband, i don't know what has gotten into him today!
Freddie- Greg, how DARE YOU SAY THAT TO ME!?
Greg- croak!
Freddie- If you dont stop, I'll... I'll... I'LL PUSH YOU OFF THIS LILLYPAD!