Nov 14
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random thoughts

During class meditation I tried to find zen or whatever. I failed, I couldn’t think of anything. For the first time in my life my brain just went blank. I kind of gave up, and started to look around at my classmates. I tried to read their faces, but had no clue what they were all thinking about. Then I realized I have no clue what’s going on in anyone's mind during the day. Not even my parents or closest friends’. Then I started thinking even more. A person’s face could be blank, but in their minds they could be fighting a german spy or something even more random. You could be talking to someone and they are dreaming about spaghetti or something. 
Nov 02


:Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y :Y  SNEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I    I    I   I   I    I   I    I   I    I  
 I    I    I   I   I    I    I    I  I    I
 I         I   I   I    I    I    I  I    I 
 I             I        :Y       I  I       
               I         I         I
Nov 02

the moon

the moon
the great, full, pimple of the sky. 
yous welcome.
I enjoyed sharin my wisdom. 
Nov 01
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To the Human Citizens of Earth

Human Citizens of Earth, 

As the Assistant Warden of Galactic Sector IMB452643, I am responsible for your solar system and thus am deeply concerned about the condition in which you are leaving your planet. In your Earth degrees, the average surface temperature of your planet has risen about 0.9℃. (I’m using Celsius here because American measurement systems are weird.) At this rate, the Arctic ice cap will melt by mid-century. That, in case you didn’t realize, means no more polar bears along with a whole host of terrible things. Please don’t wreck your planet. Our sector has had a clean record for millennia. If you ruin that, my boss will blame it on me and Carla from Sector IMB452645 will gloat for ages. 
Here is a list of other reasons to keep the earth alive and healthy, seeing as you apparently need help. 

 Trust me, you will not like Earth better heated. You don’t stick ice cream in the microwave, do you? 
Nov 01
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I Before E Except After C...

I before E except after C.

Unless your neighbor leisurely deceives eight overweight conceited heirs to forfeit their sovereign as you heinesiouly seize an ageing atheist’s feisty conceived beige heifer deprived of proteins as you pull it on a bareish and beingless counterfeit sleigh you got from a caffeinated blue-veined weightlifter as Keith abseils down a veiled rope agreeingly albeit while reading the poem Aeneid.


Oct 24

I Like Potatoes: A True Story

I like potatoes. What can I say? I like them mashed, sliced, even raw sometimes. Potatoes are great. I once had a potato in my kitchen. That potato just sat there for so long. One day I named it. Billy was his name. I brought him upstairs to my room. I would just sit there and talk to this potato. He eventually became known as Billy the Therapist potato. No one knew this but me. On one sad day, my mother came into my room. She saw Billy. I had drawn a little face on dear Billy. My mother thought this was utterly ridiculous. When I got home that day, we had potato soup for dinner. I love potato soup. But after dinner I had gone upstairs to tell my dear Billy about my day… You probably can imagine my horror when I entered my room and Billy was not in his usual place. My mother had fed me my best friend for dinner. I never forgave her. But, I never stopped making little potato friends. One of my creations was a gorgeous rainbow potato. I had loved her very much.
Oct 18


I look into these chickens eyes
He looks into mine
He looks confused
And so do I
"Who are you looking at" I exclaim
The chicken still stares
I try to look away
The chicken is still staring at me
I walk into my house to rid the chicken
The chicken then goes away
I then come back out to feed the cows
The chicken follows me and stares at me
I think this chicken might have a thing for me
The chicken doesn't leave me alone
I decide to bring the chicken into the house
I decide to go to bed
With the chicken being in the house im afraid shell get into trouble
The chicken was beside me when I woke up
I think I made a new friend...
The chicken agrees in her own mind that I am a friend

Oct 03

get me this frick'n dog!

I would like a dog.
it's really a simple request 
just a husky puppy
no more than one.
all you have to do is buy the dog.
I'll buy the food
the leash 
the care for when we travel 
I'll take the time
I'll brush it
I'll pet it
I'll walk it
I'll love it. 
just get me this frick'n dog.
that's all I want 
I'll raise it
train it
feed it 
play with it 
I'll be it's dog parent
so when you buy this dog 
you've found away to buy my happiness. 
that's pretty special if you ask me.
so buy me this frick'n dog!
Oct 03
humor 0 comments challenge: Peace
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Thanos' version of peace

Hello. Thanos is here today. The meaning of peace is the balanced universe of people poor and rich, young and old, small and big. The only way to balance the universe is by wiping out half the universe's population. Snap. The six infinity stones and the gauntlet. Mind, Power, Reality, Soul, Space, and Time. The stones that can create peace. 
Sep 30
humor 1 comment challenge: Oops

the weirdest conversation of my short time owning a phone


maybelle Peterson, typing. . . 

the small screen stares up at me through the darkness of 2 am, 'how can she still be typing?' I wonder "she's been at it for three whole minutes now, I mean, how hard is it to say yes or no?' finally my phone emits it's weird little beep and I receive a message that's practicaly two miles long. "what the. . ." I trail off as I begin to read the text message that may or may not ruin my weekend. 
Sep 27

telling my mind to shut up

my mind: Hmm

me: please be quiet

my mind: you be quiet, your complaining aint helping me figure out this cube root problem

me: frig cube roots, and shut up so I can sleep

my mind: *scowls in it's own mind way* fine.

2 seconds later. . .

my mind: Hmmmm

me: please frigg'n shut up!

my mind: I'll shut up when you stop saying frig.

me: frick.

my mind: aww, common, i mean-

me: I told you to shut up.
Sep 13
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Breaking the Ice

There you are, minding your own business when the new girl who happens to be drop dead gorgeous sits at a desk across from you. She has only been attending your school for 1 day so she is sort of shy. Bad news… so are you. You and your socially awkward self starts to sweat, and sweat, and sweat, and then sweat a little more. You keep sweating profusely until New Girl scrunches her nose, looks over at you, and gets out of her seat to escape the overwhelming scent of B.O. You don’t blame her. If you could move away from yourself right now… you would. To make things even more hopeless, she goes and sits next to “hot boy Chad”. He is the captain of the soccer team and as much as you hate to admit it, he’s a total hunk! Boys want to be him and girls want to be with him. The only thing he lacks is a brain. Oh no! Chad turns to the new girl and starts talking. It only takes New Girl a few minutes to start batting her eyelashes, biting her bottom lip, and playing with her hair.
Aug 15
humor 3 comments challenge: Music
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The encouraging, skeptical Violin Teacher

Hold the bow I say to you,
Round the pinky also.
The way you stand is just so bland
And pay attention will you?
I know you can do it, 
It just takes time,
Practice energy and your mind.
Follow the rhythm,
Watch me a minute-
Soon you will be the best violinist!
Don't make the strings out of tune,
You'll sound worse then you already do!!


May 28's picture

Sandwich Milestone

It's interesting, really, that a sandwich sounds appetizing to you, because you've never—never, in all of your 15 years—liked sandwiches before. Sure, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese have always been hits, but... Deli meat with lettuce and cheese between two pieces of bread? Wow. And sauce? Since when have you tolerated sauce? When you were younger (maybe even a week ago), you picked apart your sandwiches and ate each layer one by one. First the meat, then the lettuce, then the tomatoes, saving the cheese (if it was good cheese) for last... and maybe you'd eat a slice of the bread. If it was nice bread, and it wasn't covered in sauce.
Somehow, out of the blue, you've decided that you like sandwiches. Whole. Eaten together, even if you did scrape the sauce off.
It's like you're a new person, inducted into the world of Normal People. Normal People who eat their sandwiches the way they're supposed to be eaten.
May 23


If you were a comic book character who would you be and why?
Apr 26
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Letters From a Junior in April

April 25, 2019

April 26, 2019
Dear Diary, Allow me to clarify from yesterday. Why, dear God, did you allow school to be this terrible?! With AP exams, SATs, chorus concerts, track meets, various club/society meetings, finals, science NECAPs, marching practice, mini school concerts, AND prom on everyone's mind, how can we be expect us to focus things like... friends. Or, healthy eating and sleeping. Or like grades. Wow, who'da thunk that even with our terrible class, we're all almost seniors. We need to step up our game, I'm the who do pretty much everything
April 27, 2019
Dear Diary,
Mar 27
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The Dye That made my hair die

    It was that day, the day my life had went horribly wrong. That day, I had just came back from a chinese pawn shop, with some pink hair dye for myself. As soon as I got home, I hopped in the bathroom and put on the dye. The bottle stated, read the instructions really carefully, but I thought that reading them was a waste of time and not important. Later that day, after I had put on the pink hair dye, I noticed bits of my hair were falling off, not really caring that much, I continued watching tv, but as the hours pass, more and more kept falling off. There I decided I was gonna go to the bathroom mirror to see what was going on, as I walk into the bathroom, I look in the mirror, and notice i'm bald. Wondering what had happened to my hair I think back to when I put on the hair dye, I go grab the hair dye bottle and peal off the label, there was a second label that said hair removal cream.
Mar 19
humor 0 comments challenge: Dye
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The Big Yellow Bottle

I have been wanting to dye my hair for a while, but I was worried about what other people would think of me. Eventually, I got up the nerve to dye my hair, so I went to the store and bought the big yellow bottle that obnoxiously said DYE on it in big blue letters. As soon as I bought it, I went home and dyed my hair with the dye I bought before I had any second thoughts. But as soon as I rinsed out the excess dye, I knew something was wrong. Seriously wrong. My hair was dry, much more than it is supposed to be and it is drying out more and more. I grabbed the bottle and voraciously read the fine print. Turns out it wasn’t hair dye, but DYE standing for Dissolving Yellow Elixer, which is a strange company who makes a patented acid that is safe on skin. I learned the hard way that it is not safe for hair, for my hair is so dry it just physically disappearing from the earth. I am so bald now that I couldn’t have done a better job if I went to a barber to get my head shaved. Whoops.
Feb 25
humor 1 comment challenge: Alone
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I Think We're Alone Now

The door closes

The teenager is gone

The truck disappears into a cloud of dust

“Hooray!” Screams the chairs

“Party!” Exclaims the teddy bear

“I’ll play the tunes!” Says the record player

Tiffany’s voice echoes through the house

“I think we’re alone now! There doesn’t seem to be anyone around”

The lamps flicker in excitement

The pictures come to life

The toys throw the living hats around the house

The living hats cheered in glee

Blankets and chairs make forts

Mr. Fridge falls over, again

Everyone is having fun

Then there’s a teenager at the door, shocked

Everyone stops and stares

The record scratches

Teddy bear approaches

There’s silence

“Wanna party with us?”

Feb 20
humor 0 comments challenge: Rule
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The Constitution of the People,the Universe, and Everything