May 21
humor 0 comments challenge: Realize
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May 16
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The Write Awful Challenge

May 14
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The Girls Who Overstay in the School Bathroom

Those girls!
Don't they know that the bathroom is NOT a hangout place to stay during lunch?
That's what Nicole told herself everytime she went to the bathroom, 
And seeing all those girls there. 
They can be the same,
Or they can be different. 
Of course, Nicole isn't one,
because she would be including herself in the list.
I remember coming during third block once,
And the bathroom was almost full of chatting girls,
May 09

The misunderstanding at the restaurant.

               The waiter goes up to the man and asks with a strong accent "Bonjour, puis-je prendre votre commande?"
               "What did you say?" responds the man.
               "Bonjour, puis-je prendre votre commande?"
               "Did you just insult my mother!"
Apr 06
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The falling

It was winter time. My nose was so cold that I could even smell coldness,  I could hear the wind whipping. I looked down the mountain and saw some of the slope but only the first 20 feet or so because the snow was to strong. With my poles I pushed myself forward and started down the slope. This was the last run of the day according to my dad and I was so hungry that I could eat a cow. Also I felt as if my toes were on a vacation. I could feel my hands on the warm smooth hot chocolate.
Apr 04
humor 0 comments challenge: Rain

Stuck in the rain

The rain is pouring down,
the clouds intended to drown,
the cars go splashing by,
I as go dashing along.
I wish the sky would clear,
so that I could give a cheer,
and to my home I near,
the sky is raining tears.
People rush to their destinations,
such as the bus station,
I see a cute dalmatian,
the rain is causing frustration.
The worms are on the sidewalk,
I only have one more block,
of chalk stained sidewalk
Mar 26
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Little boy with tough life/ write badly

ThE Main CharActer dIEs….. OnCe upOn a Time there was A Boy with a big big toy aIrplane and he wished he could he coULD flY IT BUT  it was only a toy so he gave himself a goal and it was to make the plane fly so he could fly it so he went to his mom and dad and they said no you will never accomplish anything in life your a mess up unlike your sister so he cried all the way to his grandma and grandpa's house.
Mar 25
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Stewie was in the living room on his fuzzy purple couch while eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, when Stewie's mom came downstairs and  told Stewie to clean up his room. Stewie screamed and ran out the door. Stewie ran as far as he could away from his house with his mom in pursuit.
Mar 21


           The sun is shining through my window one early summer morning. I yawn and sit up in my bed, planning to get an early start on the day. Stretching my arms, I roll back my covers and hop out of bed. I brush out my tangled hair then make my bed. I head down stairs, smile on my face. Breathing in the fresh summer air that has traveled into the room, it seems like a good start to the day.
Mar 17
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"Bull" Fighting

“You're never going to guess what happened this morning!” I said heavily through a sigh to my classmate. He looked at me inquisitively.
Feb 23
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Where did I leave those ?

Where did I leave them nuts? I know I checked just about everywhere, there was no place that place that I left unturned or flipped, That rock was really heavy that it was ,where did it even come from, wait I was looking for the nut yes the seeds that fall off of the trees that will fall eventually I guess I will to.
Feb 21
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Somethings and Things

On day I woke up to the sound of something It was the vacum i yelled at gramps for running that at 7:00 in the morning So i decided to eat something. After i got up o do some things feed that stuff do those things and then eat some stuff. Gramps got up He told me to do more stuff I just ignored the old man Hes full of bad stuff When he gets mad though So i decided to do the thing that he asked me to I said stuff to him and we were good We ate some stuff. And went to bed
Feb 20
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why we should eliminated crest haired snow doveadees. (biRd)

In this article, I will state why we should eliminate crest haired snow doveadees. (biRd)
Feb 15
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Seven Minutes and Seven Prompts

Prompt: Combination of awful writing and the kindest thing a stranger has done to me

Feb 15
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No social media

I think if social media shut down then the world would be on the brink of disaster. There would be chaos everywhere! People would staying inside with nothing else to do it’s like their whole life has been striped away. Think if you were them and the only thing in your head was instagram instagram instagram you don't realize it but at that point your going insane. As humans just need to know what others think about us but most of the time people have some self restraint so they don't show it.
Feb 15


            The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines happiness as giving it 110%, but, really, what are happeness, and when I was thinking beforehand about this prompt, I don't know what I'll write, but I know that once I start wrote I'll burn that bridge when I come to it, and I think to myself, "do you think you can really challenge me, because yall'd'nt've done that, after all, the   last person whom'st'd've done that lost bad?" I am the greatest, and like a moth to candy from a baby, I alwa

Feb 15
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The dragon and a ruler with Timmy and super deadly doom fire fiery blast with a princess.

Once upon a time, there was a child named Zak. and Zak had a best friend. Timmy was this friend. They lived a good life but one day a dragon came to the school. The dragon wanted to eat all the children but Zak decided to go to the rescue. He grabbed his trusty ruler and went to battle. The dragon fought well but Zak was too strong. Soon Zak stopped for a minute to catch his breath and the dragon let out one last burst of fire.
Feb 15
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Nice Strangers

  One time my family, friends and I went on a trip to the west coast of San Francisco. The days were winding down like a Jack In the Box and soon the sunny, beach days would be over and we would head back to the cold, snowy winters of Burlington Vermont. The folks we were renting from had a lemon tree in the backyard, prior to that day we have picked them off and made delicious homemade lemonade.
Feb 15
humor 0 comments challenge: Prez
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Dear President Trump

Dear President Trump, please leave the White House as soon as possible. You are not helping anyone, just hurting.

Dear President Trump, I will gladly pay for your airfare. All I ask is you pack your bags.

Dear President Trump, you have made quite a mess of things. I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop before anything gets worse.

Dear President Trump, if you are worried about the county, I know it will be better without your “help.”