Nov 09
fiction 3 comments challenge: Club

This guy asked me to join his club

"Mate, this guy just asked me yesterday if I wanted to join his club."

"Woah, what'd ya say?"

"Well obviously I asked him what it was about, you know?"

"Don't tell me it was some kinda cult or somethin' freaky like that."

"Geez no, he said it was a book club."

"Oh yeah? Sounds chill."

"And then I asked him if you could come, cause I thought you would love to go."

"Aww that's sweet."

"But then this jerk is like "No way your friend's got issues" 





"Haha oml, thanks for that"

"No problem mate, anyone that's got beef with you has got beef with me"
Oct 19

The Jump

The Jump
My feet crunched the snow as my thick boots led me toward the hill. It was mid-winter, a warmer day than most, and the tramping was making my forehead sweat. My friend Clementine was ahead of me, my short legs and puffy snowsuit weighing me down-and slowing me down. Finally, I reached the top of the hill. I sat down, not caring if my butt got wet or not. Mindlessly, my mittens picked up a ball of snow and packed it evenly. This was the best packing snow of the winter. It was the perfect mixture of wet and fluffy, a combination rare at least to Vermont. Judson, another friend, was thinking the same thing.
Dec 05

Ten Days of Winter, 1892

Editor's note: In the 11+ years of this site, I have shared only a couple of things on the belief that this is your site, not mine. But I am sharking this because, well, becaue I thought you might like to read/listen to it and, also, to see that some stories take a long time to develop. I'd love some feedback -- this is your chance! :) 

I wrote this piece of fiction for Winter Tales 2017 and it was presented by Vermont Stage in its shows Dec. 6-10, 2017 at FlynnSpace. (It also was going to be presented at a similar winter story show in East Montpelier on Dec. 16.)

Audio download:
Feb 13

The House

NOTE: This is part of the Sprout1 Challenge. This piece was written by an anonymous writer during Vermont Writes Day, and we loved how it started us thinking. How about you? If you would like to extend this story, please click the SPROUT button below and continue it. If you find lots of sprouts, and we hope you will over time, and you like where someone else has taken this, sprout that post. Have fun. And we thank whoever posted this on on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (We have made a few edits, by the way.)
Feb 13

The Pendant

NOTE: This is part of the Sprout1 Challenge. This piece was written by an anonymous writer during Vermont Writes Day, and we loved how it started us thinking. How about you? If you would like to extend this story, please click the SPROUT button below and continue it. If you find lots of sprouts, and we hope you will over time, and you like where someone else has taken this, sprout that post. Have fun. And we thank whoever posted this on on Friday, Feb. 10, 2017. (We have made a few edits, by the way.)

The old iron bell jangles as I step into the familiar shop. I wave to the owner, a kindly old gentleman, who smiles at me as he always does and says hello. He seems to appreciate my visits, even though I don't often buy anything. 

I make my way through a maze of old bookshelves and chairs, paintings, vases and other miscellaneous objects. I know almost all of it by memory and can tell whenever the store has sold something. 
Dec 12

A day in the Life of a drop.

Our story begins in the bare forests of Vermont, with me. One water molecule among hundreds of others, formed together as a snowflake that is lighter than a feather. It is a wind forsaken day, and the leaf I sit upon doesn’t stir, though it is dipped low to the ground with the weight of many others like myself. Snow covers the landscape in a never ending blanket. And then slowly, as if in a dream, we watch as white turns to green, bringing with it the melty warmth of spring. The nearby river swells with runoff, and as I drop to the ground, now unfrozen and swift, I feel certain I will be joining it soon. But wait! In front of me.. Something white.. I’m stuck to its sides and become slowly absorbed. Roots. As I travel through the plant, other collected molecules beside me are turned into nutrients, but I find my way to the pores at the top of the leaf, and begin transpiring to the sky above.
Dec 12
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one dark night

It was a dark and cold night in October. I was walking down a moonlight path when I heard a faint noise. It sounded like screeching. I decided that whatever it was, it was far away and I was probably only scared because Halloween was on my mind. I had just had dinner at my grandma’s house and was walking the three back blocks to Creeton street. My little brother had stayed behind at my grandma's for a bit. He liked the music room she had and he decided to practice his chorus music a little longer. I  was taking a shortcut and there were no street lights on the stone pathway. I quickened my pace as I walked through the shadow from a patch of bushes. Then I heard it again. This time it was louder and more distinct. I froze in my steps, spun around, and listened carefully. Screeeeeech! Now the noise sounded near enough to be at the other end of the path. In fear, I stepped back off the trail, hid in a bush, and crouched down on all fours.
Dec 12
fiction 0 comments challenge: Power
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With 7.6 billion people in the world, it is highly unlikely that any power you name would be unique. I'm sure that no matter how far in my brain I search for this unsaid power, someone else would have done the same thing. I think having this ability, you would have to try and outsmart everyone else. Say, if everyone knew that they had to have a different super power than anyone else, all of the popular superpowers would be available. No one would say, "I want to be invisible" because everyone would think that someone else would have it. But I must also take into account that children will partake in this too, and all they know are superhero's powers. Therefore, the popular powers are again off the table. I think I'd have to meet in the middle of my brain somewhere. I can't reach too far for this superpower, but I must also reach far enough so that no one else will have that power. 
Dec 12

The Light

The two rambunctious identical twins had finally fallen asleep after what had felt like a century of torture. Sally and Sam were sound asleep in their princess beds. The children looked calm and peaceful, almost angel like. A few minutes ago they were little devious children who wanted to ruin my day, now they were harmless little beings. I appreciated the quiet howles of the winter night, and cold breeze. It sounded as if the wind was calling out to me, and trying to communicate with me. The sharp twists and turns the wind made, and the moon shining above us. As I was about to walk out of the twins room I heard a sound. It was loud and hypnotizing. “Creeeeak,” I was surprised by the sudden loud sound and quickly turned to look at the children. Both Sally and Sam were missing from their beds. I had a few doubts about what was happening in the back of my mind. Were these twins trying to scare me? Their home was secluded-old-and eerie.
Dec 11
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How'd They Get Down Here?

      It was late at night on my birthday. I had done some emergency babysitting for my friend’s parents and had finally gotten their two lively children to settle down. I had just lay down on the couch, planning to read a book until the children’s parents got home. I must have drifted off because I awoke to the creaking of the fence in the backyard. I stood up cautiously, walked quietly to the door, and peered out into the snow. I was worried because this family lived way out of town, about twenty minutes from the nearest grocery store and nobody lived within two miles of them. I couldn’t see anyone in the yard and the gate didn't creak again so I went and sat back down on the couch. I had almost drifted off again when I heard the gate creak a second time- three times in a row. I looked out but again I couldn’t see anyone. It was only after I heard the gate yet again that I decided to go outside and investigate. I cautiously opened the back door and tiptoed out onto the porch.
Dec 11


     It was only a bowl of pears. 
     Nothing more than five pears in an ugly ceramic bowl sitting on a table in a cheap hotel room in Burlington, Vermont.
     And yet this incredibly unextraordinary bowl of pears had been holding Xavi's utmost attention for a little over ten minutes now. 
     Xavi had been born in Zanzibar, and although his memories of the place were faint, he could distinctly remember a bowl sitting on the table, perpetually full of pears. Pears, of all the fruits in the world. What had his mother been thinking? He supposed she had expected them to eat them, and he did, because when you're a young kid just the novelty of grabbing something out of the fruit bowl whenever you want is enough. And so, his mother always bought more pears. 
Dec 11
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What's in a word?

I always thought kindness was self-explanitory. 

But no. 
Dec 11
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The Card Game ~ Prolouge

    Sylvia Hawthorne ran through the halls, cheeks pink, lungs begging for air. She dashed past the chestnut wood doors in the upper hall, legs burning, mind only on her destination. With a crash, she flung open the obsidian door, where she cut short her running. The room was large, and dark. An alchemist’s room. Sylvia brushed her long, black hair behind her ears, then began chanting a spell. She stood with her arms out and palms forward. The blue-purple fire portal grew bigger in front of her. She was so intent on her spell, she didn’t hear the man creeping up on her.

    “Hello, Sylvia.” a voice from behind her said. Sylvia whirled around to see a man leaning in the doorway, a droll smile on his face.
Dec 11
fiction 1 comment challenge: Snow

Winter Days

 Our Vermont world is best to be seen, in late January. Where the still ponds have blossomed into angelic frozen displays and the balsa’s exhale the aroma of incense of the season. Notice how the sun’s rays seem to increase in intensity before diving below the horizon; how the sherbert sky reflects upon the blanketed landscape, giving the view a dreamlike aura.
  Let us walk for miles down the wooded roads, feet crunching and eyelashes coated in the bright, cold, cotton like substance. Let us pass the laughing brook and the frozen pond. Let us pass beneath the white coated branches and trunks. Let us enjoy the echoing silence and the sharp, cold air.
 At this time of year our land must seem an artist's vision of paradise. As strong and brutal as a renaissance painting, but as peaceful and delicate, as watercolor.  

Dec 11
fiction 1 comment challenge: Power
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The power of calc

If I were to obtain a power unique to me and no one else would choose it, it'd have to be the power to do calculus. I am struggling really hard in calculus right now so it makes sense to have it, plus who's gonna wanna know how to do calculus to it's maximum potential? Having this power means I would actually be able to make honor roll, plus have a good GPA. And of course this would allow me to get into an advance college of my choosing. Even though it probably won't have the major i'm looking for, it's still helpful! Plus I can help others pass calculus as well and hey, if my career path doesn't work out, i'd always have a great fallback career. It's a win for all!
Dec 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Power

#1 Therapist

Many people on Earth have gained some astounding abilities. Majority of them are more physical, making ones that are not as physical considered weak. But some of them help people in certain professions. Especially Sabrina. Ever since middle school, she wasted to help people with their emotions. When she found she had an ability perfectly suited for it, she knew that a career in therapy would be perfect. What is this unique talent that she has? It is the ability to tell someone’s emotions. Many people will lie about how they are feeling, but Sabrina can see right through them (not literally but figuratively). To describe her ability, she must look at someone. Within about 30 seconds, a word and color describing a persons emotion shows up above said persons head. Many of her patients leave their sessions with her much better, since her treatments are more effective with her unique ability.
Dec 11
fiction 0 comments challenge: Power
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the best power

Power what superpower would I choose if I could get one. It has got to be that if anyone talks talks about you behind your back or say something mean about you they’d say it in first person. So if Bob said to me that I was a jerk but used name he’d be calling himself a jerk. So all of the mean kids that call me names will be calling themselves that name but hecatch is it would only work for me and no one else. It also only works on school days so if i get called a jerk on a weekend they would call me a jerk. But it would be fine because i will say that they a jerk then make then second guess themselves by asking if I really was so it would be the best super power.
Dec 11

Magnum Opus


Pluto stepped into his workshop. He scanned the area. In the corner, a shelf of mud and clay pulsed with energy. Pluto smiled coldly, then glanced down at the ebony ball resting in his hand. He finally had it! The last thing he needed to overthrow his brother Jupiter and claim control of the world….

Pluto strode over to the shelf. Resting on its first level was a sphere no bigger than a grapefruit. It glowed angry red. “Fire,” Pluto mused, taking into account the forest that he had burned to the ground to find it. He moved on.

Next was an orb of as deep a blue as the ocean itself. “Water,” said Pluto, remembering the journey into the deep that he had taken to retrieve it.

On the next shelf was a triplet of orbs: the first milky white, the next sepia, the last purple.
Dec 10
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an eerie, haunting melody in the night

An eerie, haunting melody in the night
Dec 10
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Queen Weinberg

By. Cally 
  • Dedicated to my queen: Mrs. Weinberg!!!

Queen Weinberg