Spirit Bird

Spirit Bird


19 years old


  • Water

    Into deepest black
    Endless stillness
    Endless calm
    Oh, to float in the middle of a forgotten ocean
    Into treacherous waves
    Endless time
    Endless peace
    Weighted and heavy
  • Save The Trees

    Save The Trees

    We have to save the trees, for the trees are our protectors.
    These men and their machines who are the designated collectors,
    Of Sequoia, and Sycamore, of Beech, and Blue Spruce,
  • Woodland Sprite

    The small earthy creature unfurls from its curved in body, smudged with dirt from a winter's sleep.
    It blinks its large spring green eyes, blinded by the ever-shining sun.
    The creature is a wood sprite. Her name is Petra.
  • we are the night

    Cut me, bruise me, tear me from my skin.
    you will never break me.
    yell and scream and curse and hit me.
    you will never win.
    because i am the dark, the soul-bonded sorrow.
    long forgotten tears stain my cheeks.