17 years old



  • Our Masks

    Through life you need to hide.

    But not really,


    You hide from enemies and friends alike.


    You need to hide within your own skin,

    Hide your thoughts, feelings, who you are.

    On the penalty of hate, 

  • Rain

    Some people think rain is bad,

    It makes some people mad,



    We should see rain as a gift of power,

    Because rain can make flowers,

    Flowers are picked and given to those we care about,

  • Snakes in Her Hair

    Medusa's story

    is one that has been poured over

    and over

    pulling apart each letter until it is 

    not a letter 


    shared and split down the middle

    and torn

    should have been 

  • Him

    His bittersweet taste,

    Pressed on my lips.


    His alluring voice,

    Captivating my ears.


  • breakdown

    i’ve been dancing alone a little too long

    my resilience corroding with each blink

    i haven’t broken down like this since

    well i don’t expect myself to remember