14 years old


  • The Way of the Sky

    Subtle changes, sudden rages, this is the way of the sky. 

    It wakes from its sleep to viciously reap the limbs that are no longer strong; 

    at other times it seems content to collapse upon the earth and cry. 

  • Only the Sea

    There is only the sea.
    Ancient, yet forever new.
    Stretching out past eternity like a cat lounging in the sun, spread out to soak up every possible particle of light.
    There is only the sea.
    Waves rising, falling.
  • The River

    Death was on the air, it came in stages, each more definite then the last, unfolding like a dark flower. Hungry, always hungry... First a feeling, the feeling of the cold fog pressing in, its damp fingers brushing his skin, his soul.