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Puddles of the Sky by Popcorn

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  • Losing Someone

    Losing someone you love,

    hollows out a part of you.

    One day, you have them,

    and the next,

    you’ll never see them again.

    The realization stings,

    worse than the sun's engulfing hug.

  • Red

    When I was first brought into the boathouse, the outside world was different. The rowers were different, the clothes they wore were different, the oars they used were different, and the waters of the lake were clearer.



  • Writing



    Write a poem using a forest as a metaphor for either confusion or indecision.

  • Writing



    What is one thing you think everyone should do at least once in their life? Write from your own experience or research. 

  • Visual Art



    Find a piece of writing you like on YWP. Create a piece of art — a drawing, a photo, a painting — based on that piece. Include a link to the piece that inspired you.


  • Writing


    Best of Fall

    We know, we know! It's summer and we love it! Why think about fall? Well, here's a challenge from Vermont newspaper Seven Days: Describe fall in beautiful detail or explore the "back-to-school" experience – for publication in an upcoming issue.

  • Writing


    Floods, hurricanes, punishing heat. Have you experienced extreme weather this summer? Write about it.

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