Drawing Practice

I know the leaves don't usually turn this color until fall, but in Texas, some plants die of heat and look like this in the summer. So here's some art inspired by the oak tree in my backyard :)



14 years old

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  • Star

    I’m a star

    I’ll travel millions of miles

    Just to see you

    Just to give you a little light

    A little hope in this hopeless world


    One day

    I’ll be an asteroid

    And I’ll fall from the sky

  • She Is

    Inspired By My Own Book Series

    She is a firebird

    Rising from the ashes

    Picking herself up in the darkness

    Holding hope in her talons


    She is glass

    Stable and transparent

  • Toxins

    Inspired By My Own Book Series

    You left long ago

    Yet your words still linger

    Like a gaping wound

    That never heals


    Will I ever learn

    To expunge the toxins in my veins