alien questions that we can't answer

We knew

they existed

before they knew how to stand and walk and breathe.

We sowed

the seeds

of evolution on this bluish-green marble


in this tiny little galaxy they've named candy bars after.

And yet

they had no idea

we were here

until we got tired of waiting and showed up for ourselves.


they would have found some evidence

of us?


their rovers

on that planet called Saturn, a place we visited once and disliked,

would have found our deposits of salt and other minerals

from our water and waste?

It is because

of these strangely unanswered questions

that have easy, ridiculously easy answers

that these 'aliens'

these perfectly normal space-dwellers (just like you humans, you know)

these 'aliens'

took one look at the all-human support group

and left.

Posted in response to the challenge Support.



11 years old

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