Been Here Before

I've loved you for 10 lives

Quick look to the side, catch your eye, oh-

I remember you

Late night talks, separate windows but the same stars, you should just be here, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you for 25 lives

Heels and a little black dress, you in a suit and mask, see nothing but your eyes and teasing smile, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you for 50 lives

Kisses 'cross your neck, your t-shirts fill my dresser drawers, loud music in the car, we're so late but we've never been on time, your smile says you're hiding something but it's okay, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you for 100 lives

Messy couch and children's toys everywhere, exhaustion is nothing new, look up and see you watching, small smile, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you for 1,000 lives 

The adventures we have now don't have other people calling us crazy, the houseplants no longer die from being left for weeks alone

but this house is warm, you still make me smile, I think I must've wished for you, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you for 5,000 lives

Our song on the radio has been labeled a "classic" now, though we'll never acknowledge how old it actually is 

Each day is quiet, but we don't complain anymore 

our chairs have worn grooves into the porch, so constant is the rocking

walks in the evening, we'll always find something to talk about, or maybe nothing and that's okay too, eventually we're just gonna end up sitting and watching the sky, your hand in mine, Smile and tell me you'll see me again someday, oh-

I remember you

I've loved you always forever and now

Googled what it means when it feels like a piece of me is missing when you're not around

Realized you're the last person I'll fall in love with

Spent nights with you we weren't supposed to spend, and 

woke up next to you only to realize it feels right, oh-

I remember you

I remember you




17 years old

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  • If I were

    If I were fearless, I'd tell you
    That old songs make me think of you
    That you remind me of a bluebird, and I can hear your voice
    In quiet places

    If I were high, I'd tell you
  • Now

    This house is never silent.
    That's one thing I've noticed, unlike other places 
    Here is never quiet.
    The is no break, no pause, no stop, only Go.
    Keep going, there's no time--