Breaking News

Breaking News

Beep Beep Beep Beep

The sound plagued me every morning—a monstrous melody of my alarm clock. I blinked my eyes, squinting at first as they adjusted to the light so that I could see the cool yellow ceiling of my bedroom.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

I pulled off my sheets and blanket to reveal that I was dressed in a white T-shirt and Cozy pajama pants, making it all the harder to get out of bed. I started to try and go back to sleep, but then-

Beep Beep Beep Beep

I reluctantly got out of bed and walked to my desk and the alarm clock scanning the top for the stop button. I eventually located it with my still groggy eyes and...

Beep Bee-

"AHA! Take that you stupid clock. What's wrong, cat got your tongue?" I crossed my arms proudly as if I'd just conquered my greatest enemy in battle, which I quite literally had.

I stretched my arms as I left my room, entering a kitchen-living room. The only thing separating the two is a line where the soft rug meets the tiled floor. 

I stepped towards the countertop in the kitchen portion upon which laid a sink that was overflowing with dishes and utensils most unglamorously, and a stove with a crumby pan which was just that, crumby. It was covered with burnt bread crumbs from many a night of low-effort white bread and American cheese when I had nothing else to sustain myself. I grabbed a somewhat clean bowl and spoon out of the sink and placed it down on a wobbly wooden table which wobbled to a touch from years of kicking the legs making it overwhelmingly tilted.

Next, I headed towards a hanging cabinet which is where I housed food of all kinds, like bread, cereal, the occasional condiment, and... that's it. I opened the door and grabbed out some cereal.

I placed the cereal on the table and stepped toward the living portion of the room. I approached a sofa with a peeling leather covering leaving fluff out to the open air of the room. It was next to a stool I used as an accent table upon which sat a dollar-store lamp that could barely illuminate three feet in any direction, it was almost purely cosmetic. In front of the sofa was a little wooden shelf that had a television with dust on the screen after years of being uncleaned. I cracked a window open to let in the fresh New York City air, but smelled something burning and it hurt my nose so I closed the window almost as soon as I'd opened it. I then grabbed the remote for the TV off of the stool and brought it back to the old table where I then sat down. 

I poured cereal into the bowl, then milk, then I stuck my spoon in and clicked on the remote's power button bringing the TV to life in an instant. I clicked down, down, and then left on the remote to reach the news channel; I clicked on the remote to bring up a screen with a smiling man in a suit in front of a screen overviewing all the weather in the area. The man's broadcast was cut off as the channel cut to a different broadcast.

"BREAKING NEWS" scrolled at the bottom of the screen read. A reporter then started to speak "This just in folks, a hijacked plane has just hit the World Trade Center. I repeat, a hijacked plane has just hit the World Trade Center."

Posted in response to the challenge History.



13 years old

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