13 years old


  • Blind


    To see the world through closed eyes, nothing and everything all at once

    To hear the music of the earth and dance their way through life's perils

    To feel the ground beneath their feet as they travel

  • Routine


    I wake up.

    I get dressed.

    I drink coffee.

    I pack my bag.

    I go to school.

    I do schoolwork.

    I go to practice.

    I go home.

    I relax.

    I go to sleep.

  • Scaling

    I clip my carabiner onto the hoop as I scale it, its icy breath blowing on my face. 

    I climb on. 

    I feel like retreating from a daunting task, the sky's disappointed pelting of ice discouraging me. 

  • Forgotten

    The forgotten things are here
    And the forgotten things are there
    All the forgotten things are everywhere
    Up and down the street
    Just beneath our feet
    And floating through the air
    Forgotten things do not feel jealousy