I wake up.

I get dressed.

I drink coffee.

I pack my bag.

I go to school.

I do schoolwork.

I go to practice.

I go home.

I relax.

I go to sleep.

Superfluous is what it seems to be.

Repetition at its finest.

Finding a way into all of our lives.

Yet it does not grow old.

Unlike you and me.

Comforting, Stressless.

The freedom to do what has been planned.

Though there are days, when repetitive lifestyles break.

When I am put in the spotlight.

When I can’t just relax.

When I try something new.

But in the end.

After it’s all said and done.

It is part of my to-do list.

And I sit back into the comfort of routine.

And then,

I wake up.



13 years old

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