I fly by the hallways, emptier than ever and I can hear chuckles from nearby classrooms. I love the outside, sure, but I love being inside just as much. There's no family to lecture me about how bad the high school is. Though it isn't. It feels more like home than anywhere else. 

I hear a couple of students talking and their footsteps coming closer to this hallway. I thought they were all supposed to be in class. Everything that had to do with humans was so confusing. 

"Yeah and she gave me detention!" I catch a wisp of the two students' conversation as they stride down this hall way. The girl on the right has long brown hair meeting about her mid-waist and she is gesticulating with her hands as she speaks. 

"That is just the stupidest thing I've ever heard," The other girl exclaims, holding her backpack tightly with her right hand, slung over her shoulder. She has short dyed burgundy hair, stopping at her delicate chin. 

"I know Emma!" The girl with the brown hair says, her hands flying wildly towards her face. Emma silently agrees with her, and they walk closer towards me.  As of now, I had been flying in circles trying to hear more of their conversation, if I wanted to survive I had to steer clear of humans. Though I thought they were so interesting compared to my fellow insects, hiding was the closest option I chose.  

The two girls giggle at something I can't quite make out and rapidly come closer to where I am flying. I quickly speed towards the nearest wall, but slow down when I get close so I don't splatter. It took me forever to learn how to do this. And I taught myself. It's hard living on your own starting at such a young age.  I take my perch on the brick wall, far away enough so that they don't see me, and close enough to hear. The best thing about being a fly is definitely the eavesdropping part on so many useless human conversations. Some more than others. 

"You could always report him to the school board," Emma suggests and the other girl's face lights up. 

"I didn't think of that!" She exclaims, her words echoing throughout the hallway. She turns to Emma. "How come I didn't think of that?" 

Emma says something I can't distinguish so I decide to fly a little bit closer but she spots me. 

"Fly!" Emma screams pointing her finger in the direction I am flying. The other girl whips her head around, and somehow a book is already in her hands. 

"I'll take care of this," She tells Emma, and starts swatting at me. I dodge here and there. And try to desperately fly into lockers, but they aren't locked. Eventually she wins and hits me hard in the body and I feel myself falling for the first time. It's a scary feeling, but also I'm weighted with knowing that was going to be my last conversation I would ever be eavesdropping on. I was no longer a fly on the wall, but one in the ground. 


Posted in response to the challenge Fly.



14 years old