For everyone

I’ll walk with you through the midnight rain

There may not be a place to shelter but I can offer you an umbrella 
After the sun has set and long before the birds awaken, I’ll walk with you
For as long as you need, slow or fast until you’re okay 
I’ll walk with you
Against the sky, with the sun, through the stars
When you can’t breathe, when your head hurts, when you’re too tired, then

I’ll lie there with you
For as long as you need, for as long as you sleep, for as long as you’re scared
I’ll stay with you
Whether it’s under evergreens or on your bedroom floor, 
Or somewhere neither of us knows …
I’ll lie there with you
Until you can get back up
And we’ll keep going
Through the midnight rain

I’ll climb with you
As high as you want to, try to catch a shooting star, count of three
You’ll never know unless you try 
Through cathedrals of clouds, forests and cities where the air grows thin,
I’ll climb with you
I’ll climb with you, and fall for you, let’s see how far we can get –

Heaven and Hell, broken glass falling and flowers blooming, I 
Cannot stop it from happening, I’m sorry –
There may not be a place to shelter
But I can offer you an umbrella and 
I’ll stay with you through the midnight rain
–This poem is about life. And being there for someone through everything that may come at them. Rain at midnight can be seen as both positive and negative, much like many situations in life. 
Everyone should have someone who will stay with them through the midnight rain. 
And everyone should have someone to say that to.
This poem is for anyone who has experienced midnights.
So, Everyone. 




17 years old

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