The Fist Page of the Chapter When The Protagonist's Love Interest Dies and Almost Kills Their Baby

Chapter 16 

Ice Skating


“Come home before the street lights go out. And don’t go on the weak part of the ice.” Jenny was smiling as she did the dishes. Benjamin shrugged. He picked Brooke up. 

“Relax, we’ll be fine. It’s January.” Brooke cooed. She and her daddy were wearing matching checkered sweaters. A mitten fell off of her hand. Jenny walked over to them and put the mitten back on her hand.

“She can’t really walk very well yet, so don’t put her on the ice either.” She smiled, and stood back up from the floor. Benjamin put his mittens and scarf on quickly, then whisked Brooke into the baby carrier. 

“We’ll be fine.” He said, and kissed Samantha on the cheek. 



13 years old

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  • More Time

    I left seventh grade 48 minutes ago. I felt like it was too soon. How far, already into summer I feel. My disorganized mind thought that I would have more time to like who I like, more time to get to know her.

  • Grudges

    I have had countless grudges over the years. There have been people I have given the silent treatment for three years because they exposed me about my crush in fifth grade.