Guitar Girl

Guitar Girl


She plays guitar 

She writes songs

She lives not far

And I could stay there all day long


She ties back her hair

And hides her insecurities 

But my knees I would rub bare

Praying to the goddess she is


That girl is my Roman Empire

My mind she consumes

She cools down the hell fire

And brings me back from doom


I could listen to her play,

Play that guitar forever

A certain calm arises

And I'd be lying if I said I didn't love her


Her smile warms my soul 

Her eyes melt my heart 

Her love costs no toll

I love that guitar girl

I think I always will

That sweet girl I love

And my tired heart can rest




15 years old

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  • Words are not forever

    I can say everything right

    But she'll still never love me

    After that one bad night,

    Now I just want to be free


    This isn't about a friend

    Or someone special 

    No texts I will send

  • My light

    You are the light in my life,

    My girlfriend and my love.

    You take away the night,

    And your body fits with mine 


    I know you love my poems

    So I will write them for you.

  • Darling

    My darling,

    My love,

    Your beauty is startling

    And your hand fits mine like a glove


    I know we are young

    But I know this is real

    In the ladder of life you are a rung