Heaven and Earthworms

I have given many a thought to what happens when we die, specifically, what happens to our bodies. You have the option to be classically buried, cremated, donated to science. I think I don't want to be cremated, kept in a jar or the specks of my former self thrown across water. I think I don't want to donate myself to science, lying on a cold metal slab for years. I think I don't even want to be buried, at least not traditionally, set in a wooden or metal box marked by a plain slab of stone. I want to be buried in the forest, no casket, no headstone. Mark my resting place by flowers, wrap my body in leaves and let me melt into the ground, decaying alongside bones of animals forgotten, let birdsong be my funeral organ, let the willows do the weeping, let the toadstools and earthworms feast themselves on my corpse. And let it be that my soul does not rise to heaven above nor to hell below, rather seeps into the soil, into the seeds and moss, allows the remnants of my earthly form to grow into beauty once again. 

Posted in response to the challenge Wonder.



15 years old

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  • The Paper Sailboat

    Music to my ears would be a heartfelt goodbye

    A diminished minor chord that's been playing since the first day.

    I've kept all boats tethered, left none to sail away

    Kept all the little memories, for when the world turns gray.

  • The Genie

    If you had a genie in a bottle

    and it told you that you could make any 3 wishes

    You would not wish for gold

    you would not wish for riches

    you would not wish for fame.

    You would wish for wars to end

  • The Blue Glass Vase

    Two plastic plants, a blue glass vase of dead flowers, and a cactus. The cactus is the only living thing left of the four, and lucky it is, for it gives me hope that I can at least keep that alive.