for my girlfriend, who gets me roses

for my girlfriend who gets me roses,

but not just any plain old red ones,

but flowers in my favorite color,

and she knows that I love them. 


for my girlfriend who gets me presents,

just little things, every so often. 

small, but so meaningful in heart,

and she knows they make my mood soften. 


for my girlfriend who writes me poems,

about plain old boring me, every single day, 

and they're amazing and beautiful, 

and she knows they touch my heart in every single way. 


for my girlfriend who always pays,

even though she is off worser than I, 

but she's just so sweet, and generous, and kind, 

and she knows that I'll argue every single time. 


for my girlfriend who loves me,

not the me that I pretend to be,

but the one that is silently screaming,

drowning in poems and love songs. 

and she knows all of that and still stays

every single day. 


so this poem is for you, my love, 

because I know you need to hear it. 

you're so beautiful, and caring, and sweet, 

you're my girlfriend, and you are all I need. 


please get me all the roses you can buy,

and write me all the poems in your mind. 

and I'll still argue every single time,

but I love you, and I can't believe that you are mine. 

Posted in response to the challenge Spring: Writing Contest.



14 years old

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