The New Meaning Of Fall

I’m 16. 

That means I have 2 more falls till I leave home,

2 more Saturdays spent raking autumn leaves,

2 more Halloween parties,

2 more homecomings,

2 more visits to the pumpkin patch, 

2 more years before I leave it all behind.

I used to love fall because of the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet

And the smell of my grandma's Thanksgiving desserts.

But now fall just reminds me that I’m running out of time,

That I’m growing up too fast,

That my life right now will just be a memory.



Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



17 years old

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  • trapped

    I lock the bathroom stall
    But The panic I’ve been feeling all day 
    Still finds a way in
    My chest starts to tighten 
    Like a dress on thats 2 sizes to small
    With a corset back
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  • never forget

    Never forget this moment child

    Never forget the emotion that bubbles inside of you when your angry

    Or the prickly feeling of a cool breeze 

    Never forget who helped you get her

    And who tried to push you down