18 years old



  • Men and Dogs

    “Men are dogs,” I say to my friend as she kneels at the foot of her bed, like a child waiting for her mother’s strong arms. Yet, I am her friend tonight, so my scrawny arms make a cheap cradle.

  • Well… maybe

    “You like him”

    “No, I don’t” 

    “Yes you do”

    “What are you talking about”

    “Have you seen the way, your eyes look at him” 


    “Have you seen the way your cheeks flush”


  • She was herself

    she was wildflowers and star-filled skies

    she was screaming and laughing

    she was loving so hard you can't think anymore

    she was jumping off a cliff and the feel of water on your skin

    she was your wildest dreams

  • Happiness

    I have come to realize that the most tender thing is not pain, but happiness. 

    So random, so elusive, an intangible wisp in the void. 

    I can't control how long it stays, before it 

  • If only

    He likes to sit by the window

    watch the sunrise

    I like to watch the light

    play of his hair

    see the golden flecks appear 

    in his galaxy eyes

    He likes tea in the evenings