17 years old


  • Something Called Maybe

    Maybe I shouldn't have lied.

    But then maybe I wouldn't be strong today.

    Maybe I should've let them see me cry. 

    Told them what the scars really meant. 

    But then maybe I wouldn't wear them like secrets. 

  • Been Here Before

    I've loved you for 10 lives

    Quick look to the side, catch your eye, oh-

    I remember you

    Late night talks, separate windows but the same stars, you should just be here, oh-

  • If I were

    If I were fearless, I'd tell you
    That old songs make me think of you
    That you remind me of a bluebird, and I can hear your voice
    In quiet places

    If I were high, I'd tell you
  • Now

    This house is never silent.
    That's one thing I've noticed, unlike other places 
    Here is never quiet.
    The is no break, no pause, no stop, only Go.
    Keep going, there's no time--

  • For everyone

    I’ll walk with you through the midnight rain

    There may not be a place to shelter but I can offer you an umbrella 
    After the sun has set and long before the birds awaken, I’ll walk with you


  • Men and Dogs

    “Men are dogs,” I say to my friend as she kneels at the foot of her bed, like a child waiting for her mother’s strong arms. Yet, I am her friend tonight, so my scrawny arms make a cheap cradle.

  • Well… maybe

    “You like him”

    “No, I don’t” 

    “Yes you do”

    “What are you talking about”

    “Have you seen the way, your eyes look at him” 


    “Have you seen the way your cheeks flush”


  • She was herself

    she was wildflowers and star-filled skies

    she was screaming and laughing

    she was loving so hard you can't think anymore

    she was jumping off a cliff and the feel of water on your skin

    she was your wildest dreams

  • Happiness

    I have come to realize that the most tender thing is not pain, but happiness. 

    So random, so elusive, an intangible wisp in the void. 

    I can't control how long it stays, before it 

  • If only

    He likes to sit by the window

    watch the sunrise

    I like to watch the light

    play of his hair

    see the golden flecks appear 

    in his galaxy eyes

    He likes tea in the evenings