Something Called Maybe

Maybe I shouldn't have lied.

But then maybe I wouldn't be strong today.

Maybe I should've let them see me cry. 

Told them what the scars really meant. 

But then maybe I wouldn't wear them like secrets. 

I kinda like secrets. 

Maybe I should kiss him harder, each time we say goodnight. 

Maybe I should kiss him like it's the last time. 

But then maybe it would be and I don't ever want to lose him.

Maybe I shouldn't say everything I mean. 

But then maybe I'd still choke on poisonous words. Better to get them out, I think. 

Maybe I should get a tattoo. 

I probably will. 

Maybe I should drink more coffee and get addicted to caffeine and fit into that teenage stereotype. 

Maybe I should care more about school. 

But then maybe I should dye my hair blue(again) and pierce my tongue and get a bird named Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Maybe I should quit my job. 

Maybe I should wear short skirts in January. 

Maybe I should build a boat. 

Maybe I should bottle a star and see how long it lasts. 

Maybe I should sleep more. 

Definitely should sleep more. 

Maybe I should go to church. Devote myself to something I'm not sure exists, but it's better than not believing in anything except love? 

Maybe I should tell my love I always need him. 

It's always him. 

Maybe I should buy a motorcycle. 

Leave for out west and never look back. 

Maybe I should get a dog instead of a bird, and name it Baklava, after Polish dessert. 

Maybe he'd be sweet. 

Maybe this never stops. 

Maybe there is no ending. 

Maybe Everything is Something Called Maybe 



18 years old

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