Our translation

1; We are born into this love, 

this idea of love. 

It is what begins to form us, 

much like spring 

with budding leaves ...

2; We start to grow up and we number our years, count down the days for moments we have no idea will happen but we still wait ...

3; We form a child's interpretation of love. Friends are friends surrounded by this glowing innocence, together filling our pockets with letters of the alphabet ...

4; We look at each other and there is something more about this person than we noticed before, there is shyness and curiosity and a feeling we don't understand ...

5; We grow up and are uncomfortable with ourselves and other people and we smash that into oblivion with insults and thrashing laughter and never enough of anything ...

6; We call someone our 

first love. 

Except in that moment they are the only love, they are confusing and dazzling, adding to the swirling mess in our heads ...

 7; We grow taller. If we were trees by now our leaves would be changing color and starting to drop off. We know a little bit of what we want and so we find someone else. Break each other. Not know what to do and throw a fit and come out of it stronger. 

We've shaken free of our leaves. 

8; Time is taken for resting ourselves. To only focus on the strength we possess and figure out how to wield it. Learn what makes us breaks us and 

 helps us breathe ...

 9; We're budding again. This is our third chance, maybe our only            promise. We'll have to hurt a little in order to heal stronger. So we try one more time. Take our time choosing our person and learn how to love them right.

Roots and branches spread, become woven and connected and give and take what's needed. When leaves drop, warmth is shared ...

 10; We've formed our own translation of love. It's not perfect but it's ours; and it feels beautiful. Our choices are each other and a storm can't take us down ...

 11; Breathe in and out together, this is how far we've come, 

 from budding leaves ...




17 years old

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  • Been Here Before

    I've loved you for 10 lives

    Quick look to the side, catch your eye, oh-

    I remember you

    Late night talks, separate windows but the same stars, you should just be here, oh-

  • If I were

    If I were fearless, I'd tell you
    That old songs make me think of you
    That you remind me of a bluebird, and I can hear your voice
    In quiet places

    If I were high, I'd tell you
  • Now

    This house is never silent.
    That's one thing I've noticed, unlike other places 
    Here is never quiet.
    The is no break, no pause, no stop, only Go.
    Keep going, there's no time--