The Orchestra of Fall

Autumn leaves flutter around my head,

The color popping in the chilly,

Swirling air.

The veins stretch out,

Delicate within the leaves.

They connect,

Creating a web of beauty:

A beautiful array of pulses,

Slightly erratic,

But the imperfections even more breathtaking.

I turn my head towards the mountains,

The little dots that are the trees colorful,

Watercoloring the landscape with warm,

Cheerful colors that are unpredictable,

Strange and unfollowing.

The cool, brisk air slaps my cheeks,

The rhythmic gusts blowing my hair,

Making it swirl and dance along with the leaves.

The symphony of the parts fold together,

The layers clashing in some ways,

But synchronizing perfectly in others.

The melody is incredible,

Vibrant but soft,

Strong but heartwarming,

Unique but blended.

Each and every part compliments another,

Everything fitting but popping,

Creating the orchestra of fall.

Posted in response to the challenge Fall: Writing.



14 years old

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