Our Masks

Through life you need to hide.

But not really,


You hide from enemies and friends alike.


You need to hide within your own skin,

Hide your thoughts, feelings, who you are.

On the penalty of hate, 



you need to hide what you feel inside.


And when you hide inside yourself

You put on masks


Masks that hide you from the eyes of others,

They hide you from the questions, the hate,

They guard you from opening up and exposing yourself.


We all wish we could throw them off,

Show what we want and love.


But that can’t happen,

We must hide from everything to stay on top

And we must forever stay hidden behind a mascarade of joy.



15 years old

More by RyRylan

  • Who is a Man?

    Who is a man that can’t help?


    They don’t let him in,


    He gets pushed away,


    He can’t help, he cries inside


    Who is a man that’s not perfect?

    He must always know

  • Confusion

    A man confused,

    Is a man unknown,


    Unknown to himself,

    Not knowing what to think,

    He doesn’t see the world,

    It becomes warped,




    The world thinks it knows him,

  • Lonely

    Cast into hell when you’re lonely,

    Seemingly heaven when not,

    Loneliness can hold on you, spread like a rot


    A lonely man can do thing in search of connections,

    He hurts others and himself,