15 years old


  • Pen of Peace

    As I hold my pen of peace,

    The veil of hate,




    It fades away.


    And reveals our world in a new light,


    We all sing of love in the rays of light


  • A land of the free?



    As a child brown from oppression and a desire to be free,

    It must learn,

    It must remember,

    It must never forget,

    That freedom for some isn’t freedom,

    Freedom for all was promised,

  • A haiku on WAR

    The horrors of man,

    The pain of all, hate of some

    The whole world engulfed.


    Monarchs full of hate,

    Killing caused a weeping world,

    Tears of mud and blood.


    Struggles of many,

  • Our Masks

    Through life you need to hide.

    But not really,


    You hide from enemies and friends alike.


    You need to hide within your own skin,

    Hide your thoughts, feelings, who you are.

    On the penalty of hate, 

  • Dark/ Light

    In the deepest depth of hell,

    Which is known by many all to well,

    Is a palace of complete darkness,

    Untouched by light,


    In the palace of complete darkness, you cannot live, laugh, or feel the embrace of love,